Finding your passion

Finding your passion takes meditating thoughts and honesty.

The rewards that you reap are happiness, exhilaration and contentment in finding the meaning of your life.

There is a natural balance created within the world and we need every person and their gifts and skills that they were given before birth to make the balance work to our advantage.

The more people that understand the answer to the meaning of life the more we decrease the gap and bring that balance closer together. How to find happiness is the secret within yourself, your passion.

Finding your passion the gift of giving

We all have been born with gifts to offer in this world. You may be an outstanding parent that devotes your life to raising your children, to teach them and others that surround you strong values and morals.

You teach individuals through example how to respect the lives of others, to set high standards and goals and to excel at what they are good at and to be the beacon of light for others to find their way. This is my sister and God needs her in this position.

Finding your passion will be the easy part, building on it will require more imagination. Maybe you find you can communicate well with the elderly and you love to make them smile and assist them with coping with life and their difficulties.

Finding your passion coping with life

You may love working and tinkering with automobiles, working with animals, bringing knowledge to others to make their lives less complicated or providing a service to the people in your community.

Coping with life should not become a burden, it should be a journey of how to find happiness and create that life that you love waking up to each and every day.

Think about it. What if nobody in the world liked to build houses – we would be living in tents and huts. What if nobody liked to stock grocery shelves, to file papers, to cook --- you get my point.

Find your passion. It’s not hard it is simply something that you love to do it could be reading books, cleaning house, talking on the phone, or you may be a great organizer.

Finding your passion a path to happiness

Then start to follow your passion, use your imagination, develop your true passion, the thing you love most to do. This is your gift.

See how I built this website to fulfill my Passion

Finding your passion could lead you towards financial freedom, happiness, contentment, self-determination, independence, but most of all and most important you will have developed your individual uniqueness that helps bring balance into the world that surrounds you and this talent that God gave you is your salvation, your purpose and your significance for being placed on this earth. I for one am so glad that you are here. Thank you for what you do.


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