The ancient Chinese practice of Feng-Shui (meaning wind and water) is another great art that can reduce the impact that the role of stress plays in your life.

Learning from other cultures can increase our knowledge as well as place harmony in our surroundings. These lessons of Feng-Shui have been handed down through thousands of generations. This is passed from Master’s to a very few select individuals called his apprentices.

The study of this mystical belief in cosmic harmony is about Balance and Control based on the Yin Yang theories. Yin Yang describes the polar effects of phenomena. Yin Yang describe two opposing and, at the same time, complementary aspects of any one phenomena.

These two opposing but complementary (make a whole) phenomena are heaven and earth. Only the Master’s know how to utilize all the laws between heaven and earth to help one promote success in every area of their life.

The art of Feng-Shui teaches you how placement of objects in your environment can balance your energies and enhance your moods.

This art is based on the earth’s natural magnetic force along with five elements being water, wood, fire, earth, and metal and ‘Qi’ (meaning energy). ‘Qi’ is said to ride the wind and scatter on the earth but will settle in water. Your location in relation to water plays a part in affecting your Qi. In traditional decorating this is the reasoning for fountains as they attract positive Qi.

Technologies advancements over the eras of time have transformed this practice which, first relied on their caparisons with heaven and earth through the use of astronomy to the new age use of a Chinese compass referred to as a Luopan.

The universe and its space weather, the elements and path of Qi along with the use of the Luopan all determine placement of items in relation to energy fields to attract Qi. Colors also come into play to attract a particular desire whether your focus is on family and health, wealth and prosperity, recognition and fame, Career prospects etc. The formation of circles and/or curves rather than straight lines is used to ensure a smooth life without obstacles.

The knowledge you gather in the study of Feng-Shui is immeasurable. It offers a sense on becoming one with your surroundings and a sense of control in some directions of your destiny which in turn greatly reduces your emotions and reactions to stress.


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