Feng Shui at Work

Creating a relaxing and energized space for success.
Using basic Feng Shui at work will create a stress free office environment.

Feng shui (pronounced "fung shway"), is often called the art of placement. The main goal of achievement is to keep positive energy or ‘Chi’ unblocked.

Feng shui at work can improve your mood, attitude, energy, concentration, and productivity. You will surround your office with natural energies using placement of furniture and bring in some of natures power with reference to plants, fountains and such that focus on keeping you relaxed and at peace in your environment.

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Negative energies will have bad effects in your environment where you need to use focus, concentration, positive thinking, and problem solving techniques.

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Clutter in your office is the number one blockage of positive energy as it disrupts your focus and concentration. Clutter is both a cause and a symptom of stuck energy. When using feng shui at work getting rid of clutter is the most essential step to creating a smooth, gentle, nurturing flow of chi (vital energy) through your office, and should be the first thing you do to improve the feng shui of your space .

Feng shui is related to the very sensible notion that living with rather than against nature benefits both humans and our environment.

My friend Aroon Ajmera, is an internationally recognized Feng Shui consultant and Feng Shui teacher based in London. He has been an executive committee member of the Feng Shui Society of UK for several years and now he is a founder member of www.barefoot-fengshui.com, and the team leader of World Feng Shui Team.

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Here are some tips you can use to interact with feng shui at work from Aroon that will make your work space pleasant yet powerful in their application.

  • Make sure your desk is diagonally facing the door (not right opposite). That way, you are in control of the room and you can see who is coming in. If your back is to the entrance you will feel subconsciously uneasy which will drain your energy.
  • Sit with a solid wall behind you rather than an open space, as this will increase your feeling of being supported. If you have a window behind you, reinforce your defenses with a bookcase or at least a planter.
  • Avoid putting pictures and art above your head- don't let the attention of your visitors be distracted from you.
  • Symbology is important in Feng Shui. Check and see what negative and positive messages are being given out by the choice of posters and art around you. Are they dull, flat and limiting landscapes? Sunsets showing a decline of energy? Stark, aggressive images? Abstract and confusing lines without clarity?
  • Clutter is the enemy of good Feng Shui. Keep your desk clear and let the energy flow freely around you. Keep files off the floor.
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  • Living plants bring in vital energy and are particularly good to counter the negative effects of having so much equipment around. Make sure that they are not spiky and avoid cacti unless you want to become known as a "prickly” person.
  • The lighting must be good. Research shows that people are much more motivated and healthier if they sit near windows. Dark corners are lifeless areas and that means -you need to use twice the energy to do a job. Don't hang any plants or have lights suspended directly above your head. Desk lamps are okay though.
  • Watch out for big piles of “in trays”. The higher the stack, the more you will feel overwhelmed. Don't sit under high shelving or you will feel that everything is getting on top of you.
  • Mark out your wealth corner for special attention (top left from the doorway or south east corner if you prefer to follow compass method of Feng Shui). Make sure it is not cluttered with piles of files or magazines and especially not your waste bin. Put something beautiful and preferably sparkly in this area.
  • Don't sit near the sharp corners of shelving and cabinets. Round edged designs are generally preferable and tend to support creativity.
  • First impressions are very important - make sure your visitors see something like an exotic plant or a work of art, something on which to focus their energy when they enter the room. It will help them feel more comfortable and relaxed.

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