Exercise and Relaxation

Can you have your Cake and Eat it to?

Is it possible to experience exercise and relaxation at the same time?

Absolutely, I’ll show you how. As we know, exercise promotes the release of endorphins that are neurotransmitters that reduce pain, anxiety, and stress.

Physical fitness is also highly beneficial to enhance the immune system and retard the aging process, and how many times have you heard over and over again that this creates the needed balance in our bodies to help reduce blood pressure, stabilize cholesterol and improve all of our bodily functions such as lungs, digestion, circulation and muscle strength. Exercise even helps to relieve insomnia. It’s like a miracle remedy that’s free.

Now tie in the ingredients below (the diffuser with essential oils)and you have an Explosion of Health Benefits.

So, with all of the advantages in reference to exercise, why do we still find it so hard to place physical fitness as a priority in our lives? The top three excuses that individuals use to rationalize their lack of enthusiasm are most likely:

#1 “I’m too tired”
#2 “I don’t have enough time”
#3 “I simply don’t enjoy exercising”

Sound about right?

Exercise and relaxation are two very significant factors that contribute to our health and well being. What’s even more perplexing than not getting exercise is that we don’t even take enough relaxation time in our daily activities to benefit our health! It’s amazing how we so willingly shorten our lives so that we can keep up with other more important obligations.

I admit, “Life is what you make it!” so let’s make it creative. The top three excuses listed above can be put to rest with some strategizing, creative thought, and problem solving skills. Let’s intermingle a number of basic skill’s needed to bring some additional balance into our life while at the same time, dispelling all three rationalizations that are frequently used to resist this dreaded task. We’ll add exercise and relaxation together with meditation and fun all into one bundle for you.

This is what I do after I remove my cat from the treadmill.... he really likes my ab lounger better.

I believe you can have your Cake and Eat it To?

I will share with you one of my tricks in hopes that this will give you some motivation to get creative on your own. Obviously if you don’t have the equipment I describe you can’t immediately put this into use but you may be able to take my ideas and intermingle your own exercise and relaxation to create your own fun.

Supplies needed:

Night Light
Essential Oil Diffuser
CD player – jog resistant with head phones
Nature Sounds CD’s
Fan or Heater (I’ll explain)
Comforting clothing and footwear

When it’s time to relax, I put on some comfy clothing and place some cushioned sneakers on my feet and head off to my fitness room. I turn on my night light and diffuser with the wonderful smell of Panaway Essential Oil, and pop a nature CD in my CD player, turn on my fan that is positioned to give me a breeze as I work out, and turn off the lights. Yes, that’s right I turn out the lights. My night light and the treadmill dashboard reading give me the needed dim light I need.

I get on my treadmill, place the headphones over me ears, turn on my treadmill, close my eyes, and I am off to a meditation visualization of my choice for the next 30 minutes. Believe me I get so relaxed and in that zone of my own that I have to actually stop myself in 30 minutes. I suggest only 30 minutes so that you don’t burn yourself out by being overly anxious and it keeps you looking forward to your relaxation time.

As far as the fan or the heater – I have a selection of CD’s so depending on the weather is how I make my decision on what CD to listen to. If it is hot outside I want the cool breeze of the fan mixed with a CD like, Torrential Rain, or Autumn in the Forest. On a cool day I may want the heater and select a CD such as my Log Cabin Fire or Hot Jungle Day. Having the lights out limits any visual distractions and allows your thoughts to enter into a fantasy world using whatever imagery you prefer for that meditation period. The night light adds a little ambience along with some dim light so that you can still see what you are doing, and the diffuser with essential oil is a trigger that tells your mind that this is your time to relax and escape the hectic rush of the world.

Some rules from someone with experience…
Don’t walk hands free – hold on to the treadmill bars. When you are off in your own little world you’re not focusing on your pace and it can shoot you right off the back of the treadmill.
Don’t do bare feet, socks, or loose slippers – this will cause blisters on the bottoms of your feet.
Of course you know, place your candle in a safe location. You don’t want to come out of your trance to an inferno!

Now it’s time to dispel those worn out excuses and reveal more of the hidden Benefits of exercise and relaxation !!!

#1 - Even if I’m tired I’m looking forward to my relaxation time on the treadmill.

#2 - We all have a tight schedule – this allows me to get both my exercise and relaxation done daily in one 30 minute segment.

#3 - It’s not exercising - it’s relaxation time so learn to relax and enjoy.

You mold your own life by your thoughts and perceptions. Remove the word exercise from your vocabulary and tell everyone you have to get home to put in some relaxation time!

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