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There are many essential oil producers but you must narrow your search by looking into how your oils are processed. Nature pure essential oil. Essential oils are the regenerating, oxygenating, and immune defense properties of plants. Therefore, nature pure essential oil is provided by God through the nature he has provided us.

Many essential oil producers supply their goods to distributers. This makes researching the company more difficult since they are hidden behind the distributer/retail marketers. This also means that the distributer/retail store does not acquire much, if any, product knowledge or training to pass on to you the consumer. You must initiate your own research and find a company that meets your higher standards.

Many of these particular essential oil providers are not supplying nature pure essential oil that is 100% pure but manufacture these oils through a laboratory. This satisfies their supply and demand issues as they can produce much more of the product at a much faster rate using only a small percentage of essential oil in the process.  These are considered synthetic oils.

Remember also, the top essential oil producers will always provide you  with a finished product that contains labeling telling you what the ingredients are, directions on how to use their product and they will specifically state that it is 100% pure therapeutic oil. Ingredients are a top priority since you need to be aware of any additional carrier oils added that extends and therefore alters the purity of the oil.

Top essential oil producers will share every aspect of their company with you so that you can gain knowledge and understand the full method of development of the product from the time the seed is planted until it is bottled for sale and becomes your nature pure essential oil.  Their goal is to educate you on how to use the oils to your advantage. If they are not transparent in every aspect of their processing then move on to your next manufacturer.

After my lengthy search I found one company who not only provides your product but they grow it throughout the world and do their own processing ensuring that your oil is 100% pure. You can visit and tour any of their growing facilities throughout the world. They provide you with a magnitude of training through books, videos, blogs, and website but even more than that, you can call them and speak with a knowledgeable professional any time you have a question, they are always there to help.

I do not sell essential oils, I buy them, I use them and I share the amazing ways they have helped me in my everyday life. You can buy them also and if you choose, you can sell them. If you have a passion this may be your ideal solution to make some side money, begin a rewarding and health centered career or start your own business. 

There is one more thing I can help you with and that is to share how you can get discount oils and free oils just by using the products you love.

Then you can decide if exploring all the benefits of therapeutic essential oils is what you are looking for.

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