Depression has many signs and symptoms that can alert you to a possible problem.

It is the frequency of these episodes and the opposite extremes that can contribute to warning signs that may be affiliated with bipolar fluctuations.

The symptoms of depression may be mild and hardly noticeable or they can become extreme and debilitating.

A variety of these signs can include any or all of the feelings listed below:

depression sadness

  • Sadness – A feeling of weakness or loss. These individuals tend to withdrawal from society, friends and family. They may retreat when there are people present or become quiet.
  • Anxiety and Social Anxiety – Anxiety will usually generate feelings fear, apprehension or worry. Anxiety may cause noticeable physical sensations such as heart palpitations, nausea, and chest pain, shortness of breath, stomach aches or headaches.

  • Social anxiety is when all of these feelings appear when
    you are put in a situation where groups of people are around you. Sometimes even the thought of this, such as a meeting you must attend, will bring about the symptoms of social anxiety before you actually enter into this environment.
  • Guilt – Feelings of guilt can be generated in two different ways – one being that the individual has the feeling that they have done something that they shouldn’t have done or two the individual feels that they should be doing something that they are not.
  • Sleep – The depression state of bipolar may cause a sleep pattern to fluctuate to extremes. You may find the individual has not only withdrawn but sleeps continuously.
  • Loneliness - The individual may feel a sense of emptiness with depression. Even when in voluntary
    withdrawal they may feel disconnected and
    alienated from other people.
  • depression vs anger

  • Anger – Anger sometimes flares up for a reason that would not have typically affected that person. There may be times that the individual cannot distinguish why the anger was ignited except that they had feelings of frustration and irritability and this caused an outburst that lashed out at the closest person to them. They may be viewed as being rude or ill-mannered.

  • Appetite – Appetite is a symptom of depression that can fluctuate in either direction. Some individuals in a depressive state will eat to make themselves try to feel better or feel happy again, while others will not have any desire to take part in the ritual of eating.

  • Fatigue – Physical fatigue as well as mental fatigue can play a part when experiencing this sadness. There may be no desire to get up from bed due to the feeling of being worn-out, exhausted, or weary. Mental fatigue may show itself by feelings of being drained, drowsy, or have a lack of concentration.
  • Depersonalization – If these symptoms trigger an individual to use recreational drugs to try to overcome the negative feelings they are experiencing they may use this escape to try to deaden or numb their emotions. The use of drugs or alcohol may let them experience a temporary diversion from life as if they are living in another’s body or in a dreamlike state of mind.
  • Chronic pain – Sometimes there are episodes of pain that cannot be explained. It is important to note that pain is subjective in nature and is defined by the individual experiencing the pain. The medical community’s
    understanding of chronic pain now includes the impact that the mind has in processing and interpreting pain signals.

  • Suicidal feelings – The individual who is overwhelmed with feelings of sadness may have thoughts of ending their life or make plans or attempts to commit suicide.
  • depression solitude and lonliness

  • Solitude – Individuals may pull away from all interaction with other persons. They want to be left by themselves without interruption.

    It may be because they feel they can not deal with any other issues even the pressure to entertain or strike up conversations seems like a tedious task.
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