Decorating for Motivating

Decorating for motivating doesn’t mean you have to be a professional decorator. It’s simple and its fun! It just takes dropping a few items in each room to turn it into an oasis of relaxation and motivation.

Your home is your escape from the world somewhere that you can hide away and re-gain your strengths and rejuvenate your mind. Below are tips that will stimulate your thoughts for stress-less decorating ideas. These ideas only focus on items that may be added to a room that would achieve a relaxing and motivating effect.

Decorating for motivating room by room.

Kitchen – Light and Nature should be the focus

Decorating for Motivating light and bright Use verticals or mini blinds for easy opening and closing for sun and privacy.

Place plants or a small garden of home grown herbs in front of or by the window.

Install an under counter radio/CD player to listen to music while working in the kitchen.

Place a pot on the stove with the heating element on simmer. Place a couple of cinnamon sticks or cloves for a fragrant relaxing effect.

Dining Room – Focus should be placed on table settings and centerpiece.

Decorating for Motivating table setting
Use Flowers to make a great arrangement for centerpieces.

Placemats at each setting with napkins and rings create a welcoming feeling to friends and family.

Living Room – Focus should be placed on relaxing entertainment.

Decorating for Motivating romance A water fountain offset in a corner or on a table top can give you the ambiance and sounds of nature which automatically queues our bodies to relax.

A fireplace can add atmosphere and warmth for family fun and gatherings as well as comfort and romance for those nights of spending time with that someone special.

These are available in electric styles for the effects of a real fireplace. They give off heat and have screens for child and animal protection.

Decorating for Motivating with a diffuser along with some essential oils is always beneficial to the senses of sight and smell. Using therapeutic oils will give you the added advantage of calming moods, strengthening your immune system as well as many other desirable health benefits. Visit this page for oils education Healing with Essential Oils

There are also the battery operated votive candles now which deliver atmosphere without the danger of fire.

Bathroom – Decorating for motivating focuses on tranquil and comfort sensations.

Decorating for Motivating relaxation Place small bottles of lotions made with essential oils on the counter for easy access.

Place a bottle of lavender essential oil by the bath so you can add a few drops to hot water for relaxing baths.

Add a small shelf to hold lavender bath salts, bath oils, and color coordinated washcloths rolled and tied with a ribbon.

In a shower or bath stall you can add a water proof radio tuned to a relaxing station.

Adult Bedroom – focus should be on body relaxation

Place a CD player with speakers on the bedside table. This player should have a headphone adaptor to plug in a speaker pillow for perfectly dreamy nights.

Depending on your preference, there are also Sound Therapy Machines.

In your secret drawer keep some essential oils for a relaxing massage along with an eye pillow to release the head and eye tensions.

Keep a reading bed lounger or wedge on hand for those nights to curl up to read a book or view some television if this is your choice of relaxation.

Use a diffuser with essential oils for a pleasant scent. This can also be beneficial to help the body relax and get a better nights sleep.

Soft padded bed with fluffy but supportive pillows. There are also some massage mats that you can lay flat on your bed and relax with the rolling motion of massage.

Patio or outside space – focus on nature and sounds.

Fountains are a natural relaxation tool as well as the sensations of listening to wind chimes as they sway in the breeze.

Decorating for Motivating take a break

Have some sort of comfortable seating or hammock to lay back in and enjoy a lazy day.

Outdoor fireplaces are great conversation pieces as well as being useful items to create great atmosphere, warmth and gathering spots for family and friends to chat while taking a well deserved break from the days activities.

Your vehicle – focus for comfort. Yes, your car counts as part of your living space. Comfort and decorating for motivating avoids those feelings of urgency and frustration in traffic.

There are car air diffusers or travel diffusers available to keep the aromatherapy active and relaxing your senses. For health reasons use 100% pure essential oils only.

For cold weather or just plain comfort try a heated car seat cushion with massage to lean back in and watch the traffic jams.

Always keep a notepad, pen and plenty of soothing sound CD’s in stock.

Decorating for Motivating has never been made easier.....


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