Creating Balance

Discover How to Balance Your Life

Creating balance was a lesson you probably learned early in life. Back then you couldn’t comprehend what an impact this would have as you continued to grow.

Remember the teeter-totter that was one of your favorite park rides? Once you played on it for awhile you figured out that you needed the same weight on both sides to leave your feet dangling in the breeze.

Creating balance teeter-totter

Injecting some harmony and creating balance into your days will help to reduce the high amounts of stress in your life. We need to be able to switch gears between responsibilities among work duties, home duties, spouses, family, friends and other important functions within our lives with a smooth transition. One area can’t be excessive without disrupting another and upsetting the apple cart.

Stress is one of the leading factors that create a disrupting atmosphere and it can carry over into every function of your life, from work to home to spouses to family and to friends. Stress in any area if not resolved will grow to unmanageable proportions and it will seem as if life is spiraling out of control.

One way of dealing with stress is by including tai chi qigong into your lifestyle. There is also a site called Chi Kung Unlimited that has a wide range of topics on this 5000-year-old Chinese yoga for health, martial arts & spiritual growth: all about chi kung/ qigong as a way of life, including tai chi chuan, self-defense, health (diet, acupressure, herbs & home remedies, etc.), yogic breathing, Eastern philosophy & meditation. If this is an interest of yours check it out - they also have e-courses, free lessons, and vision therapy.

There are many other ways you can find to keep stress at bay. One tried and proven technique is to keep active. Try to keep an ongoing physical fitness program in place and even while doing this you can utilize Music as an enjoyable way to keep focused on relaxation.

Meditation is one of the exercises that take 5-10 minutes out of your day; this is easily done at work or at home. Placing control back in your life starts with one important ingredient.


Without having Balance, Time and Relaxation you can't recuperate and reenergize your mental well-being.

‘Me’ time is part of our balancing strategy - this is the time to Stop and relax, reflect, plan, and regain perspective over our day-to-day routines. Creating balance with relaxation exercises can help you through any part of a given day.

Try this Quick Fix meditation. It's easy to remember and a valuable meditation to practice at any given time in the day.

Always remember to take the time for yourself so that you can better help another. Find strength in beauty … find peace in your heart…and don’t ever let a moment in life pass you by.

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