Who is Holding the Control

There is one certain thing that we have control over in our lives and that is ourselves, how we act and how we react.

Everyone knows the customer service saying: “If a hundred customers come into your store and one has a bad experience which one do you hear about?” The bad experience, of course.

The same can be said of our stressful experiences versus our pleasant experiences.

Every morning we wake up hoping to have a good day, not knowing what lies ahead. One thing we know for sure is that it would be wonderful if we could continue to feel as relaxed all day as we feel right now, lying in bed.

If we could seclude ourselves from the rest of the human race, this might be a possibility. Unfortunately, most of us must work to survive and it is nearly impossible to do this without interacting with other human beings.

You can only hope that if you run into someone who pushes your buttons, you are prepared to rise to the challenge and take control of the situation.

Control sunset

So the day begins…

You get up, get dressed, do all of your morning rituals, and then close the door to the safe womb of your home to enter the world.

Control car road rage

You drive to work, and although some cars go speeding by you, just to end up at the red light ten seconds before you do, you are still at peace. You just smile, shake your head at their dangerous attempts to beat the clock, and continue on your journey. Assuming you are not one of those speeding demons, you arrive at your destination and as your day starts you maintain your calm demeanor.

Hours go by, and you are feeling pretty pleased with the way your day is unfolding.

Then, out of the darkness of ‘you know where’, comes the one person who plans to steal away your peace.

This person is having a bad day and you are in their way. It doesn’t matter how you try to accommodate them; it’s not enough, and of course everything in their life that has gone wrong has become your fault.

You try to restrain yourself, but this person inevitably evokes those feelings you try so hard to suppress. Then you can feel it rising like a volcano about to erupt, your blood pressure.... By using methods of thought control, perception and positive thinking you would maintain the upper hand in this situation but without the knowledge of these methods, this tale continues.

The anger bubbling up inside is going to make words blurt out of your mouth in an uncontrollable manner. There is no way that you are going to let this person treat you in this manner any longer.

Then BAM!!! It happens
You Lose Control

Control anger

As you argue your point with this person, they become more frustrated and storm out of the room, slamming the door behind them but not before injecting one more demoralizing statement at your expense.

Your positive approach to the day has been brought to a grinding halt. The remainder of your day has been tainted by this one particular experience. You may have had many positive experiences through the day but the stressful experience stole your peace away and that's all that you can focus on.
Sound familiar?

How can you re-gain your composure after this, or any, bad encounter?
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