Conscious and Subconscious Thought

What is your Conscious and Subconscious thought patterns? Are you alert to what you are asking for?

creation of our mind

What are you asking for in your life?

Do you know what your passions and desires are?

Are you ready to set some goals and see them through to the end?

Are you ready to succeed?

Every thought you have develops from your conscious thoughts but where does it go from there? Well, once you establish your thought it knocks on the door of your subconscious and says – this is what I believe I would like – then the subconscious says – no problem let me start working on this for you.

So much today you hear of the law of attraction. This law comes into play due to the conscious and subconscious thought patterns that you put into play.

Your subconscious works on a level of trust from your conscious thoughts. What you tell it (or place in your thoughts) it will not argue, debate, or question you – it will register these thoughts as real and proceed to acquire what you consciously want.

Your subconscious cannot differentiate between good or bad – positive or negative, it only believes what you tell it from the conscious level.

So in essence what you feed it – it will attempt to produce in reality. This practice between conscious and subconscious thought is nothing new. It has been studied and documented through hundreds of years but through the more recent years it has been developed and taught as the law of attraction.

Your subconscious mind works automatically and without question. We don’t have to consciously think to breathe; your heart doesn’t pump because you consciously tell it to beat. Our bodies work through all their daily functions by way of your subconscious. Our divine creator has instilled in each of us the gifts, wonder and phenomenon’s of conscious and subconscious thoughts and the power of the law of attraction to those who learn to master it.

Let’s say just for example that you are not content with some aspect of your life but you stay stuck doing the same thing day in and day out due to a fear of making a change. You may say to yourself, “I’m afraid to let go of this and be independent from it because if I fail I don’t know what I will do then.”

Fear of the unknown is a common thought pattern you may have if you are contemplating making a change in your life. The problem with your thinking pattern is that with this type of thought you are feeding your subconscious – You are telling it that you are afraid and you will fail – and that when you fail you won’t have any other options to go forward.

When this happens your conscious feeds your subconscious – your subconscious takes these thoughts and without question will it will not argue or debate your authority – it will register these thoughts as real and proceed to acquire what you consciously want. It doesn’t differentiate between a negative thought as opposed to a positive. The secret to attaining your goals is to stay true to your passion. Don’t stop. Don’t give up. Keep your goal in your mind. Make a strong connection to it every day, all day and keep moving forward in the determination to attain it. Use affirmations with conviction of your desires. See yourself as you will be when you attain your goal. Be that person now.

This is why positive thinking is so important and this is why people who follow positive thinking patterns are more successful, and happier as well as stress free. They don’t struggle with themselves over negative issues. They choose the positive and continue to move forward.

You will always face road blocks that you have to move through and challenges you will need to overcome. This doesn’t mean you have failed. Our lives change paths as we progress and we tend to follow where they lead based on what we want the end result to become.

The reason positive thought works is because it keeps you focused on your goal, wants and desires. In doing this you are consciously and subconsciously heading in the same direction. You are setting goals and you are attaining them in the direction of your desire. You are not letting the negative thoughts sabotage your goals. You are overstepping the challenges and moving the obstacles knowing that you will reach that end result.

So stand up, brush yourself off, set your goals and focus on reaching them. Use your conscious and subconscious thought to fuel your desires. Start with what you want the end result to be. Back up and fill in some details on how you will get there and then start moving ahead. When you reach a crossroad look at the end result… see what you need to adjust and fill in some more details to get you headed in that direction and start forward again.

As long as you keep thinking on the positive side and don’t sabotage conscious and subconscious thought with fear and doubt you will achieve what you have set forth.

This journey we walk is one of courage and victory. Have faith in yourself to achieve your desires.

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