Color Therapy

Color your World Stress-Free

Color therapy has been successfully used in mediation by using chakra healing points as well as within your environment to stimulate mood chnages.

Our senses are heightened by lights and different shades of paint. These alter our mood just as does watching a candle flicker in the night or the stillness that is generated by viewing light reflected and shimmering off crystals.

Color Therapy has the power to spawn many elements leading to success.

There are many applications of color therapy and practitioners are continually increasing the span into many fields of expertise. This is also called chromotherapy.

Color therapy has been targeted more and more by the holistic and alternative treatments as they unveil the benefits and healing that these colors can provide.

Interior designers and others use colors to stimulate emotions and moods meant to inspire the owner and bring about emotional reactions. Specific colors can be used to instigate success, prompt consumers to purchase, initiate relaxation and calm experiences, provoke hunger, improve memory, promote energy and so on.

Some of the tools used in color therapy as well as in your immediate surroundings to stimulate relaxation are precious stones, candles, prisms, crystals, colored fabrics, light bulbs, paint, and art.

How does this work?

Color is energy. You can also create strong colors and relaxation using mental imagery. The mind is composed of pineal glands which when introduced to light will stimulate our psychological functions which in turn can alter and affect our moods. Different colors emit different shades (colors) of light and this can trigger us to feel particular sensations.

Just as mental imagery triggers the muscles to respond when you are imagining that you are physically doing something or when you are watching a movie and your muscles tense in the anticipation of an event happening on the screen – colors also stimulate the body and mind.

When working with meditation and the balancing of chakras, colors are utilized to unblock meridians. There are seven colors that are associated with the chakras spiritual energy centers at different spots on the human body. When a chakra point of origin is out of balance it can be that you have an overabundance or a deficiency in this particular area of your life.

Once you determine which chakra is out of balance, you can visualize and bring to life that color and its energy through your minds eye and focus the healing energy in that unbalanced chakra. This chakra will be strengthened, balanced, and harmonized with the others by the use of your own mental vibrations.

A person who is knowledgeable in meditation can flood any weak organ with the color indicated for normalizing that organ if he projects that color in his mind before and during his meditation.

Although there are colors and the perceived emotions they may conjure, I don’t believe each color has been researched and proven to be one hundred percent accurate.

This doesn’t mean that the information is less valuable it simply means that you must experiment with color therapy and see which colors elicit the mood that you are attempting to bring fourth.

To give you some guidelines as to what colors stimulate what moods I’ve listed a few of these below.

  • Red increases circulation and energy in the mind and body. This stimulates brain wave activity, increases heart rate, increasing the rate of respiration and raising blood pressure. This will help to arouse and ignite your passions. This color is also associated with stimulating your nervous system and increasing your appetite.

    Red correlates with the Base Chakra located at the base of your spine. This chakra is the one of focus if you need help in the area of survival, meaning shelter, food, and water to meet your daily needs.

  • Orange increase energy levels. stimulates appetite, creativity and digestive system allergies energy, warmth, energetic. This can also generate energy if you are fatigue, and create calm where you see confusion. This improves mood and alertness so in relation will help with treating mental illnesses such as, depression and pessimism.

    Orange correlates with the 2nd Chakra located in the lower abdomen. This chakra is the one of focus if you need help in the area of sexuality and desires. . It can be used to correct digestive problems and eating disorders. This can stimulate the nervous system and increase your appetite.

  • Yellow is full of energy and increases stamina. Brings about feelings of pleasure and joy which has been used to ease depression. This also amplifies intellect and logic as well as improves memory, brings forth your energies of personal power and creativity.

    Yellow correlates with the 3rd Chakra located in the belly button area called the solar plexus. This chakra is the one of focus if you need help in the area confidence, control and security in your life.

  • Green creates an all around relaxation that sooths, mental and physical anxieties. This color is nourishing and helps those to release feelings of depression and nervousness. As this color is abundant in nature, green also signifies growth and renewal. This creates balance, harmony, and stability.

    Green correlates with the 4th Chakra located in the heart area. This chakra is the one of focus if you need help in the area in healing any emotional turmoil, past hurts and complaints. Strengthens security and trust, replaces energy in areas of weakness.

  • Blue eases the effects of illness and helps to treat pain. This color is calming which lowers blood pressure. Brings about feelings of peace and promotes relaxation and calm as it flourishes feelings of harmony. Blue is both nourishing and strengthening. This sense of calm has been used to relieve headaches and migraines, colds, stress, and nervous tension.

    Blue correlates with the 5th Chakra located in the throat. This chakra is the one of focus if you need help in the area of self absorption. It opens you to positive communications with others. It promotes understanding and compassion to see other’s perceptions rather than blocking out whatever you cannot personally relate to.

  • Indigo can create a calming, soothing effect and has been used to work with controlling addictions and releasing the mental illusions that keep you bound to negative habits.

    Indigo correlates with the 6th Chakra located on your lower forehead between the eyes. This chakra is the one of focus if you need help in the area of developing your intuition and dissipating your narrow mindedness.

  • Violet depicts nobility and spirituality, stirs feelings of romance. Intensifies imagination and artistic qualities. This color can calm the nervous system and sooths the organs as it relaxes muscles.

    Violet correlates with the 7th Chakra located on the top center of your head. This chakra is the one of focus if you need help in the area of creativity and imagination. This chakra makes use of your sixth sense and gives you the strength to follow your intuition.

  • Using the concepts of color therapy to place bright colors around you to stimulate your creativity and balance your moods can be very beneficial both in a work environment and in the home.
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