Chronic Stress

Chronic stress results from long-term exposure to acute stress.

This response is much more subtle than the acute stress response, but the effects are more problematic due to the duration of the symptoms.

Under these circumstances, the very stress response intended to protect you from harm can do you harm.

Sometimes your stress hormone system fails to shut off and goes into overdrive.

This category of stress is one that you feel when
you are continuously in an environment
that causes you undue stress.

The difference between your feelings of acute stress and chronic is the length of time that your body is subjected to these altered states. While this stress may ignite increased blood pressure and heart rate, sweaty palms, shaking, nausea, shortness of breath, and other possible symptoms, it is the chronic stress that has more serious effects since these feelings are prolonged rather than short and sporadic.

Chronic Stress intense pressure

Examples of these types of stressful situations could be living in an abusive home life or it could be a place of employment. Regardless of the condition, the most effective action would be to remove yourself from the environment causing the stress. This is not impossible, but many times it is not the most desirable immediate remedy.

To make a life-altering change requires you to take time and contemplate your actions.

During this time you will need to gain some relief from this stress. While you contemplate your strategy, it is best if you learn some alternative methods such as breathing techniques that will give you the coping skills to better deal with the situation.

During this time, you will be able to work on deciphering those confusing thoughts in your head and make some sense of them. You will find that practicing these relaxation techniques as well as seeking counseling may give you the support and the break that you need to consider all the options available to you.

Chronic Stress escape

When experiencing these stressful situations it may be beneficial to bring your symptoms to your physician so that it can be determined if a prescribed medication can put your body back on the correct path until you gain control of the situation causing the stress.

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