Build Self-esteem

To build self-esteem in an individual it is important to compliment them on their strengths and to initiate positive feedback on their accomplishments. Your current analysis of your own self-esteem levels may be positive or negative and either way it’s primarily based on past and/or current experiences.

Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure. The way you think about a fact may defeat you before you ever do anything about it. You are overcome by the fact because you think you are.
Norman Vincent Peale

build self esteem pride

If subjected to a mentally abusive atmosphere where you were degraded and made to feel useless you would have a low self esteem. If you have been fortunate to be surrounded by supportive friends and family members that encourage your success by positive feedback and compliments then they have been instrumental in building you a solid foundation for a positive, successful self image.

build self esteem depression

A negative self image creates massive stressors in our lives because we are always in doubt, never feeling like we fit in and never thinking we are good enough.

We need to change our perception and learn how to gain self confidence. If we remain negative this will produce a downward spiral that can lead to Depression and in the worst case can lead to suicide. We seek approval and build self-esteem from many sources that are outside of us. If we do a good job or make a good decision and someone corroborates our thoughts then our strength and image of ourselves is reinforced.

Building self-esteem, self image and confidence of your own can be accomplished by means of meditation and Visualization reviewing your past accomplishments and your current strengths and abilities. There are a number of self hypnosis tapes that can also help someone on this journey of discovery. This can change a negative perception of ones self to a positive image to build on.

Whether you have a strong self-esteem or a weak one there is one sure fire way to build self-esteem of others as you build up yourself. Use positive thinking and‘The Power of Words’ and it’s free but more valuable than gold when you are looking for acceptance and confidence.

When someone comes to you maybe at work and tells you, “You do an outstanding job!” how does this make you feel? This builds your confidence and you feel pretty good and proud of yourself, right? We all try to be outstanding; we all seek the approval of others to boost our self-esteem. But many times in this way to busy world people don’t stop to take the time to give someone a pat on the back and let them know just how special they are.

If you take this time to let someone know how special they are, what do they do? They try even harder because now they have a goal, a self image to live up to and something to strive harder for to surpass. If you are hired for a job and work hard to show that you are worthy of your position and are capable of bigger and better things but after months of being treated with negativity or indifference your enthusiasm plummets and your performance declines. You have not been given the opportunity to build self-esteem based on positive feedback that is needed for motivation of growth.

build self esteem child with report card

If a child brings home a good grade from class and you are so excited and let them know what an excellent achievement they have made, you not only boost their self image but you can be sure that the next good grade they get, they come running home to show you. Everyone yearns for those positive words of confidence whether you are a child or an adult we all like to be recognized.

Some individuals tend to walk forward and view the world with tunnel vision, they are focused on too many tasks of their own and miss the human factor of life, the sharing the caring and the support that we need to build self-esteem in each other.

build self-esteem cashier clerk

Look at the people around you on a daily basis, even the ones you run into while checking out at the store, or speaking to on the phone, someone needs your kind words. Take the time to offer them, to help to build self-esteem for an acquaintance, to make their day a little bit brighter just because you took the moment to share. There are people who have nobody to offer them support and the simple smile of a stranger helps them to feel that they are not alone. Use ‘The Power of Words’, what you give - will come back to you.


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