Breathing Relaxation Techniques

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Breathing Relaxation Techniques are the simplest, quickest, most convenient and one of the most effective ways to deal with stress that you can use any time and any place.

Practice this technique while taking some time to relax at home so you will be easily able to get these same results no matter where you are. It is a matter of first recognizing your body and mind are reacting to stress and then placing your focus on your breathing taking deep breaths and increasing your oxygen flow.

It will be beneficial to first turn on your diffuser to start aromatherapy if you have this available to you. Use therapeutic 100% pure essential oils. Essential oils contain oxygen molecules so by providing the needed oxygen, essential oils also work to stimulate the immune system and provide many health benefits.

Sit in an upright position while administering this breathing relaxation technique, maintain proper posture, or lie comfortably, with your head slightly elevated a few inches from the floor. This positioning will support your ability to fill your lungs adequately.

Close your eyes. Closing your eyes will help you to block out any visual distractions. The object is to focus all of your attention on the present moment and your breathing. Hands should be resting on each side of you and your legs should not be crossed. This allows you to open blood flow and feel each part of your body relax.

Breathing Relaxation Technique

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  • Sit or lie comfortably.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Let your muscles relax and feel your body become heavy.
  • Start your deep breaths.
  • Breathe through your nose, breathing in slowly and deeply, keeping the focus on your diaphragm, and then release the air just as slowly.
  • With each breath, your body gets heavier.
  • Focus on the rise and the fall of your diaphragm as you breathe in and then breathe out.
  • Do this a couple of dozen times but there is no need to count – focus on
    your breathing.

If you fall asleep, don’t worry—you’ll wake up feeling relaxed,refreshed and back in control of your life.

If your mind wanders from your breathing to what you had for lunch or what’s on your list of tasks to complete tomorrow, just slowly push that thought aside and return your focus to your breathing.

When you want to end, merely allow your thoughts to enter and slowly bring yourself back to the moment.

Don’t allow yourself to get frustrated when other thoughts intrude in your space; they will continue to arise, and you will simply need to push them aside and regain control of your focus. Continue to do this for as long as you are comfortable and can maintain focus.

By learning this technique you will become better equipped with ways to deal with stress when your body is prompted. When you become aware that your breathing has quickened begin to relax your body by using your breathing relaxation techniques.

If you are dealing with another individual one on one, then even though you may not be able to retreat to a different location, use any excuse to turn away (for example, reach behind you for a piece of paper or look in a drawer to locate a pen) and regain control of the situation.

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Breathing relaxation techniques are used in many ways to deal with stress for many aliments to promote body and mind relaxation. We will all continue to deal with bouts of stress in our daily lives, learning to recognize the signs when your body alerts you to stress will allow you to take immediate control.

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