arthritis as we age

Arthritis causes an inflammation of the joints that comes from the abnormal deterioration of the cartilage. This can cause mild discomfort to severe pain The degree of pain may be dependent on the form of arthritis, the stage of development and possibly the location of the body that is being affected. Pain will intensify the effects of emotional stress due to your limited mobility.

Your quality of life as you knew it will also be compromised and your frame of mind will alter your mood, which may lean more towards irritability and a bad temper, sadness, depression, withdrawal or a number of other negative results.

Osteoarthritis which can result from trauma or infection to the joint is also referred to as degenerative joint disease. A more traumatic form of this disease may be Rheumatoid since in this case the body is actually attacking itself. Septic Arthritis is a form that develops due to the infection of joints. In many cases this disease has not been isolated to only the mature or elderly.

arthritis relief
Simple blood tests and x-rays can determine if this debilitating disease is present and there are medications or topical treatments that may be prescribed to help alleviate pain.

More dramatic attacks of the joints may result in surgery as the only option to continued mobility.

Alternative measures to control this disease are moderate low impact exercise such as swimming, yoga or walking. Physical exercise is strongly recommend for two primary reasons, the strengthening of the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments protect and maintain the health of a specific joint and physical exercise may also lesson the joint pain without the treatment of drugs.

Other alternative therapies used to help reduce pain are chiropractic therapy to keep your joints aligned, acupuncture to release hormones for pain reduction, meditation, visualization and self hypnosis. Many of the leading hospitals are introducing their patients to these alternatives as an extension to compliment medical procedures. Using alternative solutions alone should be discussed with your primary physician prior to starting these therapies.

It has become more notable over the last years that Arthritis Relief With Omega 3 Fish Oils and Glucosamine and Chondroitin are beneficial on many health levels. A nutritionist that is knowledgeable in herbs may be able to recommend some natural herbs that benefit the pains associated with arthritis increasing circulation and improving your blood flow.

arthritis in hands
Arthritis of the finger joints is common as we age and causes a lot of discomfort due the amount of daily use that these joints are subjected to. There are topical over the counter ointments that penetrate these joints to ease tension and reduce the pain. I have also found gloves that are made of a special Sensa fabric which seals in heat for deepest penetration, while providing a stimulating massage sensation. You can apply your Hand Therapy Treatment to the hands, then put the gloves on for 15-30 minutes as needed for relief.

For multiple joint relief exercises yoga is an excellent maintenance program to get involved in. Yoga poses do not strain the joints but give you better flexibility, posture and balance control. The exercises can be modified to meet your needs and poses can be avoided that may aggravate joints. Yoga can grant relief from pain and a reduction in inflammation.

If you are not familiar with the practice of yoga than it is best to seek a class and an instructor. Advise the instructor of the problems with flexibility that you face and they will be able to teach you methods and show you posters that are adaptable for your use. They may use props such as chairs or pillows to assist in your stability.

arthritis walking with cane

Don’t let arthritic pain rule your life and stop you from enjoying day to day pleasures. There are options to work with that will help your mobility, pain and stress that you may be experiencing. Speak with your physician and take action towards establishing activity in your life.


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