Aromatherapy Healing

Aromatherapy healing is the use of a blend of extracted botanicals using a variety of plant materials that are processed to develop concentrated oil. This concentrated oil is called essential oils. These oils affect the calmness of our minds.

Parts of our brain can be triggered to obtain a desirable response as we ingest the plant by breathing the aroma released into the air. Different scents are said to alter moods, instill calmness and promote healing by providing support for every system in the body.

When suffering from stressful episodes, anxiety and/or depression, there are four aromatherapy essential oils that are rated high in relieving these tensions.

They are bergamot, geranium, lavender, and chamomile.

When you are feeling less than happy but not severely withdrawn in a depressive state of mind, the aromatherapy to use would be bergamot. Bergamot is extracted from fruit peel and creates an aroma that produces a mild fragrance that soothes and relieves tensions throughout the mind and body.

aromatherapy healing geranium essential oils Geranium is also known for relieving tension. Obtained from South Africa this oil is extracted from a perennial shrub, used commonly in perfumes due to the flowery aroma.

When using an aromatherapy diffuser the scent is carried on air particles that are inhaled and produce feelings of calm, contentment and rest. This is perfect for a Sunday afternoon siesta.

As more and more professionals use aromatherapy healing to reduce the effects of stress our knowledge of these oils continues to expand and offer great relief for our day to day stressors.

aromatherapy healing botanicals essential oils

If in doubt of mood altering affects of aromatherapy … stand up to the challenge. Have you ever out of the blue got a whiff of a scent that took you back in time to a place in the past? Maybe Grandma’s house at a holiday gathering or Mom’s linen’s as you slid between the sheets? Thoughts are a direct result of emotions and the sense of smell can take you on a path of tranquil sensations.

Our senses are the most natural stress relief that we have but most people do not look within. Sight, sound, and smell can promote feelings of calm and reduce many of your day to day stressors.

Aromatherapy healing essential oil Lavendar

When in a depressive state of mind the strongest scents that neutralize these feelings of stress and anxiety lead to the scents of Lavender and chamomile. These oils bring about a feeling of sedation which is relaxing coupled with a calm serene sense of being.

Lavender may be the most popular of these perennial herbs because of its ability to mix so well with many other aromas. This then clears the way for a wide array of products of all kinds. You can find Lavender in lotions, sprays, bath salts, spa massage oils, perfumes, sachets and many other items. More on this below.

There is only one hitch - you need to be absolutely sure that the oils you are being introduced to are 100% pure essential oils. That takes research! Learn more on this Here.

The difference you see in the price of products is due to its purity level the level of concentrated oil in the product you are purchasing. The essential oils are the most concentrated of oils and therefore are the most expensive of aromatherapy products.

Aromatherapy healing essential diffusers
I believe the most effective method of aromatherapy healing is the use of essential oils distributed throughout the air by the use of an electric diffuser.

When pregnant avoid the use of essential oils or speak to a clinical herbalist

This diffuser has many benefits with a LED night light if you choose to use it, another click of the button will shut off the night light and just run the diffuser and a third click will shut it off. It also has some very important qualities such as an ultrasonic plate and an automatic shut off when the diffuser is empty.

When unable to use this form of therapy then using the more subtle effect such as sachets, lotions, car diffusers, shampoos and conditioners etc. allow the aroma to always be within close proximity to your sense of smell through the day to help maintain a more calm and relaxing demeanor. Again, be sure they are 100% pure essential oils.

These aromatherapy healing oils are processed not only for inhalation through the air but in absorption through the skin using the beauty, bath and body massage products as listed above (when being applied directly to the skin they should not be used in their concentrated or undiluted state). Always follow the manufactures directions.

This therapy can be beneficial by being both psychologically as well as physically effective. A soothing massage can do wonders for the soul.

Whether the oil is inhaled or penetrates through the skin the effects within the body’s chemistry create a sense of balance and in turn produce feelings of harmony. There are many decorating tips that include aromatherapy products to help you create a haven of relaxation.

These blends of oils have been used for many years throughout our history with the practice of meditation. They are said to unite the mind and spirit with the body creating a therapeutic and healing effect.

I've have posted a simple recipe below for you to try:

Relaxing Lavender Spa Bath Ingredients
1 tablespoon sea salt
1 tablespoon Epsom salt
1 tablespoon ground oats
27 drops lavender essential oil

There are many products that are manufactured today that allow us to use the benefits of aromatherapy healing in our everyday active lifestyles from products that can be used in a work setting, a home setting and/or a meditation setting. The use of aromatherapy helps us instill calmness in our hectic lives and remain relaxed in our environment.

To take your next step into your essential oils Lifestyle take a few minutes and listen to the Essential oils 101 Class This will really boost your knowledge and understanding of essential oils.

Although there may be positive uses for aromatherapy,
this practice is not suggested if you are or may be pregnant.