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Gaining a
from your family physician
registered dietitian

Above and beyond a multivitamin supplement you need to turn to professionals for insight. These professionals have sought the education needed to be able to suggest additional nutrients tailored specifically to you.

To do this they must take into consideration many different variables including but not limited to: the food you consume on a regular basis, the amount of exercise that you engage in, how much daily stress you endure, and any special health issues you may have already developed.

Due to a wide range of variables it is not feasible to believe that one cure-all anxiety and stress vitamin could be the ultimate resolution, but with scientific advancements who knows what may lurk ahead.

Besides your family physician you may want to seek the help of an RD (Registered Dietitian) for expert care.

There are many nutritionist specialists with different titles but they don't have the same qualifications that are required of an RD to specialize in this area.

A registered dietitian must complete a minimum of a bachelors or masters degree at an accredited college or university. They specialize in nutrition, public health, bio chemistry, dietetics and a multitude of nutritional courses to enhance their comprehension and expertise in this area.

They take part in a supervised internship gaining further experience in preparation to pass a national exam followed by continued education to keep up-to-date with scientific research and progress in their field.

If you find a vitamin on the market that declares by packaging to be a stress vitamin, you need to consider your safety before consuming this drug.

The best way to do that is to question your family physician or a registered dietitian prior to starting a daily regimen to include this vitamin. See below link for additional information on this topic.

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