Adult Separation Anxiety

We may suffer from Adult separation anxiety for many reasons, some of which are a break in a relationship, divorce, death of a loved one or when the children leave home to declare their independence (also known as Empty Nest Syndrome).

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Many of these feelings can be relieved by using natural anxiety treatments encompassing the steps to positive thinking coupled with stress relaxation techniques, along with other forms of natural therapy.

Adult separation anxiety stems from a psychological condition causing excessive fear and anxiety of separation, loss, or anxiety of feeling abandoned by a close loved one to whom the individual has a strong emotional attachment that contributes to ones sense of safety, security and companionship.

Adult Separation Anxiety divorce

The form of adult separation anxiety that most individuals can relate to is the break in a relationship. In these cases it seems hard to focus on moving forward when your heart hurts so bad that it's difficult to breathe.

There are stages of pain that each individual moves through to regain control over their life. Some get stuck in the pain and can't seem to find their way out.

Each time a change happens in our life that disrupts our direction and steals our contentment is certainly not an event that we plan for or want to occur. The shock of reality as our minds are reeling with thoughts of, "What do I do now?" can be devastating.

The best advice is to seek help from those closest to you, family and friends. Engage in self improvement qualities that you want to develop by seeking out self help books. Many times we loose faith in ourselves and our own abilities, these books can reinforce our confidence and boost our self esteem.

You have heard the saying many times, "When one door closes another one opens". The problem becomes pulling your focus off of that closed door.

Looking ahead - This is where your future is waiting for you to discover new passions and unlock potential you never would have discovered if it wasn't for a change in direction.

Another anxiety of separation can be the loss of a spouse through divorce or death. If during the relationship one spouse is dependent on the other for total companionship, support and advice and then the threat of losing the spouse is introduced, the dependant partner will experience severe anxiety due to the fear and anticipation of the unknown in a world in which they image their life will have no meaning.

Natural anxiety treatments such as learning the steps to positive thinking and stress relaxation techniques will attempt to alter the individual’s perception of themselves as an individual person. This may focus on their strengths and positive qualities that they possess as well as their ability to make responsible independent decisions and to socialize with other groups of individuals.

Church groups are a great support. Words of encouragement and compassion can help to grow confidence and take away a fear of being alone. A church family can fill a void while a growth in faith can give an overwhelming peace in your heart.

Adult Separation Anxiety man on bench Most adult separation anxiety that is due to the separation of a relationship tends to effect females more than males but when this separation is due to a death of a spouse it can also affect the male that has depended on his counterpart for his basic daily needs. This not only includes companionship and support but the nurturing tasks of cooking, cleaning, laundry, food shopping and other tasks that they may have had no participation in throughout their relationship.

Family and friends are a great asset when it comes to helping the individual to become comfortable with being alone, feel more confident of their capabilities and help them to understand that their life has not ended with the loss of their loved one.

Adult Separation Anxiety saying goodbye

Adult Separation Anxiety can also impact a mother when the last of her children move out of the home. This has also been known as the empty nest syndrome where the last of the children leave the nest and the parent may feel abandoned and lost with the lack of offspring to cater to. After dedicating years to raising a family the mother fears she is inappropriate and lacking in the skills required to function in the world on this new level of socialization.

Natural anxiety treatments such as learning the steps to positive thinking and stress relaxation techniques will teach relaxation techniques and change the direction of thinking of others lives to thinking of ones own life and the avenues of discovery that lie ahead.

When additional help to overcome adult separation anxiety is required counseling may be appropriate and prescribed to help the individual talk out their fears and resolve their insecurities. Behavior modification will also be used in counseling to attempt to alter the individual’s perception of what is causing their anxieties.


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