Acupuncture Relieves Pain!
What kinds of pain? All kinds!

Acupuncture Relieves Pain!
By Dr. Kathleen Albertson, L. Ac.
PhD, Holistic Nutrition

How does Acupuncture Stop Pain?

Here are 5 ways Acupuncture Relieves Pain using TCM for 12 different kinds of pain disorders!

Why you should try it to relieve your pain or that of someone you know!

No one likes pain and there are probably as many kinds of pains as there are numbers of colors in a large box of Crayola's.

1. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, known as TCM, treats both acute and chronic pain from a wide variety of sources. You don't have to live with it whether it just came on suddenly, or you've been suffering with pain for months or years.

2. TCM provides natural pain relief by opening up the blood flow and circulation throughout your body. It removes stagnation and congestion and opens up areas with more blood flow when blood flow is weak or deficient. Ti reduces blood flow when it is too much.

3. TCM resolves the root issue. It just doesn’t mask symptoms like Western pain relievers do...and TCM is safer!! Western pharmaceuticals cause liver and kidney damage. They relive pain, but many patients become addicted to them. Pain killers can alter your real world so while they serve a short term purpose... you should resolve your pain issues more holistically and TCM- Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine- helps you to do just that.

Pain killers affect how you think and how you feel... do you really want to be a couch potato and feel like a “slug"? Chronic use of pain killers only helps the pharmaceutical companies...not you!

Isn’t it worthwhile to keep your organs and your brain strong and clean so that they can best function for you on an ongoing basis and remain healthy as you age?

4. TCM affects brain chemistry, Beta endorphins, enkephalins, and neurotransmitters which can reduce pain and inflammation anywhere in the body. The brain and body must be congruent and TCM opens up these “circuit boards” to restore communication and homeostasis which leads to balanced health-i.e. no pain! No need for ongoing medications or any liver or kidney damage.

5. Acupuncture generally works quickly so you are out of pain, feeling good, kicking up your heels, and raring to go back to work... or more importantly feeling healthy and energetic to be with the ones you love.

Acupuncture Relieves Pain from many different aliments.

So, what kinds of pain can TCM help?

Here are 12 common pain disorders
that Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treat!!

1. Acupuncture Relieves Pain of strains and sprains-whether you are weekend warrior, a soccer mom, or couch potato,- young or old,- accidents happen and TCM is proven to relieve pain in the joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

2. Acupuncture Relieves Pain of arthritis-rheumatoid, or osteoarthritis which are autoimmune diseases that continue to deteriorate if you leave them unattended; or if solely treated with western meds that merely mask the pain and temporarily reduce the inflammation. Without TCM, I see many patients get worse, having to add more...and more medications.

They begin to experience more pain, in more parts of their body, which is sad when TCM brings such good success!!!! Why don’t more doctors refer their patients to acupuncture?? My feeling is that the good ones do!! Too many doctors fail to refer because of legal fears. That is not a good enough reason in my book to not help another person!

3. Acupuncture Relieves Pain of osteoporosis which is on the rise due to our lack of focus on bone health and nutrition. Weak bones can ache! Calcium is important and there is a lot of focus on how instrumental it is. However it is as important to keep the body pH in alkaline balance.

I can help you with the nutritional aspects of bone health. An acidic environment leaches calcium from our bones. We need the proper balance of calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, boron, zinc, and other trace minerals to maintain bone strength. Processed sugars, caffeine, alcohol and poor diets contribute greatly to this national health problem. So if you suffer with this, pay strict attention to what you are feeding your body!

I can requisition a Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Blood test (this is a lab draw), often covered by insurance, to determine what you are strong in, and where you are deficient. Knowledge is power and this information can help you take the right supplements. The ones your body needs! If your deductible is met.. Let’s do it before year end. Yes even Medicare and many HMO's cover some or all of this fee.

4. Acupuncture Relieves Pain of the lower back, or neck pain which are probably the most common reason patients seek an acupuncturist. Back pain costs Americans at least $37 billion annually and many patients report little results from Western care. Seek out TCM now for relief!

5. Acupuncture Relieves Pain of Sciatica, disc bulges, or herniations. These are frequently treated with TCM to reduce inflammation and pain, and to restore blood flow and circulation in the lower back, neck and spine. That radiating pain to your foot, calf, groin or thigh that often accompanies sciatica is also alleviated.

6. Acupuncture Relieves Pains from the joints -elbow knees, wrists, ankles- whether it is joint inflammation or in conjunction with strained ligaments and tendons can improve joint mobility and function. TCM offers no success if it is bone on bone...then surgery is needed. But if you have any cartilage in that joint I recommend trying TCM first. Of course it depends on the severity of your situation and every case is different...But at least consider it.

7. Postoperative pain, in addition to physical therapy! TCM has been well studied to improve it, to accelerate healing, and reduce scar tissue which gets you back to work or play more quickly. This includes gynecological surgeries, auto or work accidents, cosmetic or oral surgeries, or orthopedic or sports related surgeries.

8. Menstrual pain-whether your pain takes the form of migraine headaches, lower abdominal pain and cramping, dragging low back pain, bloating or breast tenderness, TCM has phenomenal results and if you suffer from this kind of pain you need not anymore! My book “Acupuncture and Chinese and Herbal Medicine for the Women's Health: Bridging the Gap and Between Western and Eastern Medicine” focuses on gynecological pain and menstrual irregularities. It is a must read for all women and is available from my website.

9. Acupuncture Relieves Pain of Neuropathy which often results from complications of diabetes, post surgeries, effects of chemotherapy, medications, poor diets, poor circulation, excessive weight, or other post injuries and is successfully addressed. I see many cases of neuropathy develop without a “cause”--- in TCM; we identify a pattern of disease that is based on your unique symptoms and correct the problem. We don't need a “label” or a “diagnosis’ before we can help you. Many times this goes untreated because western doctors can't find the “reason” for it!

10. Acupuncture Relieves Pain of Multiple sclerosis which is often treated in conjunction with other modalities, providing pain relief, and strengthening of muscles, ligaments and nerves. A critical focus on nutrition is a must for any MS patient. Western or alternative protocols fail if the patient does not commit to an alkaline healthy diet and Western medicine sadly underplays the importance of this, relying on medications to mask symptoms, which only cause deterioration in the body, and ultimately, acceleration of the disease. I can help you with that.

11. Neurological pain has a wide variety of sources stemming from stroke, infection, injury, medications and chemicals, post surgery, or poor nutrition. Whatever the root or manifestation, TCM provides balance and restoration, harmony, so that the body can heal.

12. Emotional pain- yes... while we are on the subject...TCM has extraordinary results in treating stress, depression, anxiety, worry and grief. It is the holistic nature of TCM that allows the blood and energy system to connect with the brain chemistry to balance your body, mind and spirit. Chronic emotional stress leads to physical disorders and chronic or acute physical pain causes emotional distress. Medications are not the answer!

Elimination of pain is the answer. We address your holiday "blues" as well as more ongoing, serious emotional issues.

Physical or emotional, pain wreaks havoc on or body and mind... why not alleviate your pain today what ever it may be. TCM will help.

How did you like this?

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at or at 949-861-8901. I am here to help!

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