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Accepting change is a matter of learning to think in a positive manner.

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Positive thinking is developed when you accept, meaning totally believe, that everything that you may run into from your day to day activities that you will mentally and physically be able to deal with.

You are always prepared in your mind to accept and deal with any issue that may arise with a positive outlook. There is a matter of acceptance that something unplanned has happened, of which couldn’t be avoided and since you can’t change what has happened you deal with it and move on knowing that it is not the ending of your world but a small setback that jumped into your plans.

You view this setback somewhat like a game, your first challenge is to stay calm and accept the sudden change, the next challenge is to maintain composure use relaxing breathing and determine your next game move. Next challenge, smile and you will feel this smile inside also, know this is all a part of you being alive and living your life.

Some examples of thought patterns:

1. Accepting change is a challenge within itself. When you apply positive thinking and an occurrence happens such as you accidentally dropped a $100.00 bill from your wallet without realizing it your thoughts go directly to, “Well I guess I can’t do what I was going to do with the money, but there will be more money and I hope that whoever found it needed it and I have helped someone else maybe who is going through a hard time.”

2. You are driving a work vehicle and your schedule is overwhelming, all of a sudden the vehicle starts pouring smoke out from under the hood and you are in the middle of nowhere. Your thoughts, “Well, I guess I’m not going to get everything I needed to get accomplished today done” so by accepting change you decide “I’ll call a tow truck, take the time to relax and make up a schedule for tomorrow.”

3. Due to a traffic accident you arrive to the airport late and your plane has already departed. You acknowledge you are really disappointed, and then you think, “Okay, let’s get my ticket changed to the next plane out, then I’ll go relax have a nice dinner, enjoy the adventure and call to tell my friends of the new arrival time.

Yes sir!!! These are some examples of my past life experiences!

Change Happens!

Looking at these examples you can tell how a positive persons mind works in instances like this by simply accepting change into their life.

accepting change at work

By looking at the positive in every situation and accepting change you allow your body to remain relaxed. On the negative side you would have been frustrated which may show itself in outward anger.

Your body would have reacted by tensing all of the muscles and releasing stress hormones into your system. Your blood vessels contract and you reduce the blood flow and oxygen that is traveling through your veins. From being tense and from the feelings of stress, you may have triggered a headache or upset stomach. Your mood would be altered so that you could not enjoy what is left of the day or days depending on your level of negativity. You would have affected the people around you as they react to your actions and sometimes you truly want others to be as miserable as you feel.

Live in the Moment

Being negative damages your health, your relationships and even extends into the amount of success you may experience in your life. We were not born to react negatively to things that alter our life, we made a choice to react this way. You may have even been doing this so long that you automatically choose the negative reaction.

It is your challenge then to practice replacing a negative thought quickly with a positive aspect as soon as you realize your thought process. Accepting change takes practice. You've got to train your mind to automatically react with positive thoughts but we all have the ability to do so. For reinforcement, observe other people around you and watch how they respond to the challenges of life and how they handle it, then ask yourself how they could have handled the situation better.

After you successfully alter this habit and rid yourself of negative thinking you will notice how at peace you feel inside. You will feel relaxed and able to actually absorb parts of your everyday life that you never took the time to notice before. You can start to enjoy the good parts in life that make life worth living. Stop and look at all that God has given you and be thankful!

Struggling, carrying the world on your shoulders, fighting uphill battles and your pessimistic views will be left in the past. All of the bad that made your body ill, tense, tired, and discontent will be gone.

You will win small battles at a time until one day you realize that you automatically start to view any situation with positive thinking and don’t look in any other direction. You will be confident, more supportive in relationships and more successful in your every day activities.


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