About This Site

Reading about this site will enlighten you to the many ways you can place Balance and Control into your daily life.

Granted, this is no easy task when you find that your days are overcome with stress and frustration but when you break your day into bite size pieces and then discover where those stressors are hiding you can disarm them from wreaking havoc in your life.

There are several different areas of your life that all play an important part, some of these include; relationships, your home life, your career, and your spiritual life. To balance everything, you need to take time for yourself and decide some priorities. You can’t do it all and the more you place on your plate the more you are affecting your own health.

This is why you need reminders to help you.

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What about this site is beneficial?

This site has been developed to give you a wide variety of tools to help you to reduce the stress in your life as well as create that balance and control.

- My name is Susan and this is a little bit about me
and why I work so hard for you.

Over the last thirty years I have been driven to understand human behavior under stressful circumstances. During this time I pursued a degree in social work while holding positions in management and management consultant work. Currently I am retired so that I can dedicate 100% of my time to my passion... helping you.

We learn from others’ trials and experiences. My challenge is to help you recognize and learn to defend yourself against the stressors you encounter in your everyday life, to gain control and create a balance that will allow you to get to the destination you choose.

Share your knowledge about this site with friends and family. They will thank you for this. I thank you in advance for helping me make your life a little easier.

I do have hard books that are available and other resources you may be interested in. My first published book was in 2007 called Cobwebs of the Mind – How to take control of stress; then I decided to reach a larger audience by building this website which was also established in 2007.

In 2009 I went on to publish Creating Balance in a World of Stress this reached the Barnes and nobles best seller list which helped me to reach a large mass of individuals who were striving to get those stress hormones under control.

I have also contributed inserts into other published books such as How to Live Homeless in Style in 2010 by Dr. Robert Spalding and 5 Must Know Secrets for Today’s College Girl in 2011 by Lauren Salamone.

You may also want to share your knowledge about this site with bosses and co-workers. This will help them to understand that life can be tweaked to relieve stress while becoming more productive and successful.

We all have skeletons in the closet and some stories are worse than others but strength, faith and determination can break down any wall and can grant you any desire but you have to be willing to want something bad enough to see it through over the long haul.

After many trials and error’s (lot’s of error’s) I broke the invisible chains that held me captive in a dark and unhappy place and I walked out into the sunlight of the world. Kind of scary but in a good, curious and energized way. I swept away any hurtful experiences of my past and only went forward with the lessons I had uncovered.

I learned how to forgive and let go of what held my heart and mind hostage. I learned many wonders about how our own perceptions dictate the amount of happiness we experience and how our own judgments and control we try to place on others backfire to cause us frustration and stress that we place on ourselves.

You will find many qualities about this site that will benefit your thought process, perceptions and behaviors that in turn reduce stress levels.

None of us will ever achieve perfection but self improvement will always give us positive results even when we don’t believe it can get any better than it is.

Hard to believe?

I challenge you to try. Take the steps forward to break the chains that are holding you back.

My passions and my desires through the years have lead me to dedicate my life to helping you. This is my purpose, my choice, my exhilaration.

Sit back take a small bit of time to relax,
and ponder the thoughts generated from the clip below.

All persons should seek approval before making life alterations, by checking with their regular health physician.

Please feel free to email me I'd love to hear from you.
Happiness Always, Susan

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