Your Starter Kit
for Health and Wellness

Your Starter Kit is the perfect option for those who are serious about transforming their lives. An extraordinary value that offers a comprehensive introduction to the power of essential oils.


The trick is to enjoy your life now, don't wish away your days, waiting for better ones to emerge. Today is your day to turn your life around both in health and wellness.

This is what your Premium Starter Kit Includes


A  Dew Drop Diffuser

You can choose to use just one oil in your diffuser but I'll be sure to send you some diffuser recipes so that you can do combinations of oils from your starter kit into your diffuser. Remember these are 100% pure therapeutic essential oils so you will only need to use 3-5 drops when you fill this.

Your starter kit oils
Essential Oils Collection includes the following :

Lavender 5-ml

Peppermint Vitality 5-ml

Lemon Vitality 5-ml

Copaiba Vitality  5-ml

Frankincense 5-ml

Thieves Vitality  5-ml

Purification  5-ml

R.C.  5-ml

DiGize  Vitality  5-ml

PanAway  5-ml

Stress Away  5-ml

10 Sample Packets

Your starter kit also includes a bonus of
2 NingXia Red 2-oz. samples

Take the power of NingXia Red anywhere you go with Young Living’s NingXia Red 2-oz. singles. These convenient, portable pouches are the perfect way to keep this superfruit supplement anywhere you need it. Delivering not only wellness-supporting superfruits, NingXia Red singles also offer your daily boost of pure essential oil.

And you'll need some accessories
Your starter kit also includes:

*AromaGlide  Roller Fitment  (This is an Outstanding accessory - place this on your bottle of stress away and just roll it on the back of your neck or wrists)

*10 Love It? Share It! Sample Business Cards

*10 Love It? Share It! Sample Oil Bottles

*Product Guide and Product Price List

*Essential Oil Magazine

*Essential Edge

*Member Resources

This is an Exceptional package

Everything you need to get all the benefits

of your essential oils

Guaranteed Highest Quality

100% pure therapeutic essential oils.

The things in life you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling. We make an impact on the world around us every single day. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

Just follow this link to Young Living . I'll be waiting on the other side to assist you through your new life's journey into a happy, balanced and healthy lifestyle.

How to Enroll

Everything will be self explanatory but here is an overview.

There will be two links on the page I take you to.

Select "Member"  NOT retail customer, remember the only requirement you have is to purchase  $50. of product per YEAR and this you can receive at the discounted rate of 24% as well as discounted shipping. Get your oils at a discount.

Select the "Premium Starter Kit"   $160.  This will give you all of the items I have listed here including this wonderful diffuser I use every day!.

Skip over step number 2 this is Essential Rewards program, that you can choose if you wish after receiving your kit. I will go over all  of this with you after you receive your kit and we'll get you using your diffuser immediately.

At the bottom of the page Step 3 it will give you an option to add  additional items to your order. (at your new discounted rate of 24% off retail)  if you don't want anything else at this time just hit the next key.

Enter your personal information

Enter your payment information

Agree to the terms of being a distributor. (You do not need to distribute but this give you the option in case later down the road when you start sharing all the changes the oils have made in your life with family and friends - you may want to sponsor them with a kit of their own).

And checkout! It's just that simple.

That's it! Welcome to our family!

To get your essential oil life started just click Here .

Each new moment of your life

is a place you've never been.

It's time to start enjoying all the moments!

If you have any other questions you may email me at, I'll be glad to help.

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