Stress vs Man
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Stress vs Man ---- what will your outcome be? Stress affects nearly 100% of today’s population. Severe or chronic stress can have a negative impact in both your personal and professional life.

According to the American Medical Association, stress is a factor in more than 75% of sickness today. And according to the World Health Organization, stress is America’s #1 Health Problem. 80% of hospital consultant episodes for reaction to severe stress and adjustment disorders required emergency hospital admission in England (Hospital Episode Statistics, Department of Health, England, 2002-03)

Stress has no boundaries and is not discriminatory. Stress impacts many lives in a dramatic way.

Stress vs. Man

Physical symptoms of stress include:

fatigue (51%);
headache (44%);
upset stomach (34%);
muscle tension (30%);
change in appetite (23%);
teeth grinding (17%);
change in sex drive (15%);
feeling dizzy (13%).
47% report lying awake at night
45% report irritability or anger
40% report lack of interest, motivation or energy
34% report feeling sad or depressed
32% report feeling as though they could cry

Many find self destructive ways to help cope with their stress levels 56% of women and 40% of men reported eating poorly
43% of women and 32% of men reported napping to find escape
25% of women and 11% of men reported shopping
18% reported drinking alcohol
16% reported smoking

American Psychological Association study, 2007.

There are many ways to reduce the amounts of stress that you face. This site provides you with over 200 pages on stress and relaxation techniques your sure to find some great ideas to start implementing in your life today.

Find out how much stress you may be letting disrupt your life.
Stress vs Man
Begin with determining your stress levels and areas of stress

As you go through this site it will be to your advantage to keep an ongoing tablet of notes that you can refer back to.

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