We all need a solid night’s sleep to avoid feeling fatigued, but what happens when stress overtakes our life and solid rest is hard to come by??

When we are experiencing acute stress such as worrying about starting a new job, we may find that a temporary disruptive problem occurs but if you are dealing with issues of chronic stress you may be leaning more towards suffering from insomnia when these episodes are prolonged and go unattended.

If you are experiencing any problems getting rest at night you should bring this to the attention of your family physician so that an assessment can be made to rule out any serious health issues.

With a reduced amount of time to rejuvenate your mind and body you may feel that the next day you are less tolerant of activities that would not normally have a negative effect on you.

Sleep disorders Exhaustion and low energy will make you drowsy and unable to focus on the days tasks.

This can also disrupt not only your relationships with the people you love but it can affect how you are perceived in your place of employment. Your emotions can influence your mood which in turn will influence how you react in a stressful situation.

When our bodies lose our natural programming between night and day it becomes more difficult as time passes to re-gain this balance.

Medications are more harmful than helpful accept in extreme cases. The reason is that our body can become mentally dependant on the medication even after you have gained control of the sleeping problem.

Your mind is sometimes more powerful than your willpower and convinces you that you can't sleep without the medication so you toss and turn unable to turn off the chatter in your mind until you finally give in and take the medication. It becomes a whole new challenge to convince yourself that you are able to get rested without it.

It is better to seek additional natural solutions to your problem. Overcoming Insomnia is a valuable book filled with many other options to help resolve your issues. Every night continue to try new solutions until you find the one that is comfortable for you and works best... then stick with it.

One of the ways I use is better than sliced bread... I know "what can be better than that"!! It is called the pillowsonic Digital Stereo Pillow Speaker... WOW is this fantastic and believe me I have struggled for years. I was a little hesitant at first not knowing how you would be able to hear through the pillow but with the combination of the speakers and the pillows fibers it's like you're transported into your own world. Perfect to use for Visualization stimulation. You can use any CD that you wish but relaxing sounds or music are your best selections.

If unhealthy patterns persist it can lead to many negative effects on your mental and physical health, these are listed below.

    Negative effects on mental and physical health
    due to lack of sleep

  • Can lead to health problems
  • Make you irritable
  • Slow your performance
  • You cannot hold your concentration
  • You feel fatigued
  • May cause memory problems
  • Can decrease your reaction time which can lead to vehicle crashes when on the road
  • Hinders the rebuilding and strengthening of your immune system
  • Can lead to depression

Usually you will find that there is an underlying issue contributing to your restless nights. Some mental health problems could be worry, stress, depression, bipolar disorder anxiety. Some physical health problems could be issues such as arthritis, back pain or asthma. You wake up feeling un-refreshed and sluggish.

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