Home Organization

Home Organization

Stress and home organization, or should I say un-organization, go hand in hand. We find there seems to never be enough hours in the day to complete everything we would like to do.

We rush from the time we get up in the morning until the time that we go to bed. These simple organization tips will help to generate more desperately needed time.

You will discover that by minor alterations you will feel more relaxed and prepared to face all of your daily activities with ease.

Remember the basics - Home organization means there is a place for everything and everything in its place.

Train yourself and others in your household to put things back where they got them from. If each person becomes responsible for himself in this area, all the cleanup work won’t be dumped onto one person.

Family members and roommates need to have consideration for others under the same roof. We all have a lack of time and an abundance of stress.

Cooking - If you are the cook within your household and you also work a forty-hour week, there are a few home organization tips that you can use to create more free time in your schedule.

Before you go grocery shopping, organize and plan your meals for the week then shop accordingly.

When you prepare a meal, make enough for one or two more additional meals and then freeze the remainders to pull out as an entrée next week.

There are also some great meals in the frozen food section of your supermarket that contain meat, starch, and vegetables all in one bag. There are varieties of chicken, steak, pot roast or pasta. These are wonderful to use if you should forget to pull something from the freezer or you didn’t have enough time to prepare as many meals as you needed for the week.

If you have a partner, pick one day of the week that he or she agrees to prepare the meal, even if it means picking up a pre-cooked meal at the supermarket on the way home.

You may also consider designating one night “delivery night,” where you call to order in Chinese or subs and a salad.

Be sure to keep healthy in mind when picking up something ready to eat or using a delivery service.

Take turns when it comes to cleaning up after dinner and doing the dishes, or designate separate responsibilities so that each person can chip in and help.

Remove Clutter - Go from room to room throughout your house, including the garage, attic, shed, and basement. Start sweeping the clutter out completing one room at a time and feel the energy being restored in each phase.

If the item offers you no benefit, don’t hold onto it. This is a time to simplify your life and do some home organization. Be strong and firm; the end results will be well worth your effort.

Home organization woman and stress

If you have had an item stored in the basement or attic for over a year, consider how this might be of help to someone in need.

If you have an abundance of articles, you may want to consider donating them to family members or to an agency that can recycle the items.

Organize a yard sale and use the profits to your advantage by having a special night out, placing it towards a future vacation or paying a bill that may be due.

This will help simplifying both your home and office. Simplifying your space is the process of organizing your belongings and letting go of the excess until your surroundings are peaceful and in order.

Once your personal space is cleared, you will be absolutely amazed at the renewed energy and inspiration this generates. You can now begin to enjoy the things that you love most with the time and organization you have created.

Once you have accumulated this additional time, please use some of it to share this knowledge with a friend. It will make a world of difference in your life and in theirs.

Preparing yourself for the week – Home organization tips also include preparing for your work-week.

When doing the laundry, arrange your closet according to what you are going to wear in the upcoming week. Designate a section of your closet to hang what you have selected and always pick one extra set of clothes in case something goes wrong in the morning and you need to make an alternative choice.

Select any accessories, such as jewelry and place these to the side
as well as your belts, nylons or socks,
and shoes.

Preparing the children for the week – If you are responsible for getting the children ready in the morning, apply the same concept by laying five days’ of school clothes out and one back-up outfit. Don’t forget the socks or any other essentials.

On school nights, have an assigned space, like a chair, counter, or table, where your children can set their books, book bags, or any other items they are going to take with them the next morning.

These tips will not only give you more time in the mornings but also ensure that your day starts out smooth and stress free.