Control Techniques

The Power of being positive

Control techniques require you to become aware of your surroundings. Negativity is one of the leading causes of stress. Therefore, the power of being positive is where you will gain your strength.

By practicing these techniques and re-energizing from stress on a regular basis you should be able to continue to place control and balance in your everyday activities. When we are negative we are taking the weight of the world on our shoulders and fighting losing battles. It is essential to eliminate negativity from our surroundings.

  • Environment - Open your eyes and your ears with the people you come into contact with or who call you on the phone. Really listen to what they are saying.

    Have you ever known someone who is constantly on the verge of crisis, someone who always has to be the center of attention, this is known as the Queen Bee syndrome someone who is overbearing, impatient, or rude?

    Have you listened to conversations or engaged in conversations in which the other person is constantly saying negative things? Keep your mind focused to pick up on these occurrences for a day. Note how much negativity is around you in your environment then you will use your control techniques to pull away from those negative situations and not let yourself be drawn into them.

  • Smile – Yes it’s true, when you smile outside you can feel it inside even if you are not in a good mood.

    Control techniques have a lot to do with attitude and how you perceive a situation at any given time.

    Observe the way someone looks when they are being rude or impatient. What characteristics shine through when you are looking at the person who is unsatisfied, discontent, and negative? Visualize how you must appear to other people when you are caught up in these negative behaviors. Is it an appealing picture?

    If you want to have a charismatic personality, one that stands above the rest, then controlling stress and eliminating negativity are important factors to alter your character and develop a unique personality that people value and respect.

  • Sleep - Be sure you are getting your eight hours of sleep at night so that you wake refreshed. Not getting the proper amount of sleep will lead you to be moody and irritable which will make you more susceptible to increased feelings of stress.

  • Keep the Control - If you are dealing with another individual one on one, then even though you may not be able to retreat to a different location, use any excuse to turn away (for example, reach behind you for a piece of paper or look in a drawer to locate a pen) and regain control of the situation.

    One control technique that is readily available is deep breathing. By taking deep breaths you are alerting your body to relax.

    Remember, you can choose how to react, and this is not only a challenge but an opportunity to practice calming effects and maintaining control.Nobody can steal your peace unless you choose to surrender it to him.

  • Be Positive - With each individual experience (or, as we call it, challenge) there is always a way to view it from a positive perspective by referring to your control techniques and keeping that optimistic attitude.

    For example: Did you ever feel that you were in control of a situation but, due to someone else's error, a wrench was thrown into your work, causing you to have to backtrack and make allowances for that person’s error? You may be frustrated and complaining of their incompetence. This happens quite a bit when you need to depend on others to complete a project.

    To alleviate your negative thoughts, you may want to ask yourself, “Is this person truly incapable, or are they so overwhelmed with tasks that they have become forgetful?” You may find it better to give them the benefit of the doubt and even see if you can lend them a hand or see if someone else can help them in an effort to lighten their load.

  • Break It Down - You may also want to consider making to-do lists. This control technique will allow you to break things down into bite size pieces and easier to accomplish.

    It’s also satisfying to watch your progress by crossing things off the list upon their completion. Placing tasks on paper immediately reduces your stress and puts all of the control in your court. You decide what tasks need to be addressed and when. You also ensure that even if you do them sporadically, like running errands during your lunch hour at work, that nothing will be overlooked or neglected.

  • Smell the Roses – We control all of our reactions by the thoughts we entertain in our minds. Every moment of every day is part of your life.

    So many times we rush through our days to get to the other end and the middle is nothing but a blur of activities. We need to use control techniques to introduce a thought process that reminds us to enjoy the moments.

    Place a small sticker or picture of a rose (or some other reminder) randomly in areas that you spend large increments of time throughout the day, use this as a reminder to stop and absorb the moment, maybe take a five minute break, remind yourself to smile and take some deep breaths to relax. Train your body to slow down and smell the roses.

  • Tomorrows- Don’t do today what can be put off until tomorrow. No, I don’t mean procrastinate, just remember that not everything has to be completed by the end of this day, that’s what tomorrows are for.

    Control techniques mean you are holding the controls. Don’t strap yourself into so many obligations or goals in one day that you must rush through your day just to get everything accomplished.

    I hope these control techniques will start you heading in the direction of eliminating negativity in your life and becoming a more positive individual. The benefits are endless.

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