Christmas Waves a Magic Wand

Christmas magic

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.--Norman Vincent Peale

Isn’t that the truth, Christmas waves a magic wand? So many people rush through the months not having much consideration for each other and then the spirit of the holidays grabs them as Thanksgiving Day approaches and for 2 months they turn into real people.

What does that? Could it be the happiness of shopping with the thoughts of giving to others? I love to give in hopes of making someone’s life a little easier or day a little brighter. Giving makes your heart smile and you feel good inside.

Could it be the colorful lights that shine through the streets at night and all of the trees decorated and displayed in the windows for everyone to catch a glimpse of? Maybe it’s the bright colors of red and green that decorate the inside of your home or the smell of natural pine or maybe, just maybe Christmas waves a magic wand.

It could possibly be the chiming of church bells, the cool breeze in the air that reddens the cheeks, or singing Christmas carols. When I was young my sister and I circled many blocks going door to door as a group of Christmas carolers and wishing good cheer. Back then it was appreciated, some would tip you for spreading the joy so you could get something warm to drink on your journey others would invite you in for hot cocoa and warmth.

Every holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas I observe people change – the people I usually see every day as well as the people in the grocery stores, department stores, gas stations. They have a different perception of the world once Christmas waves a magic wand but it only lasts for just those 2 months. They put down their guards and with a glow in their eyes and a genuine smile on their face greet you with a “hello” or “how are you today?”.

It’s amazing this transformation that takes place and it is sad to know that it is inside each and everyone but they choose to use it so little. Everyone knows the real meaning of Christmas and the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem nineteen hundred years ago. The season isn’t all about giving and receiving of gifts.

The secret of keeping the Christmas spirit all year through is not giving gifts, colorful lights, decorations or Christmas trees, the secret is Love. Take on every approach and task of the day with Love in your heart and it will shine through to reflect off of others. The best thing is ….. It’s free so there is no reason to hold you back from giving all year long. Smiles are Free, Laughter is Free, Hugs, Compliments, and Courtesy is Free, Friendship is Free, reaching out to help someone open a door is free, Respect is Free, Good Wishes are Free, all of the Love you can think of in the world is Free. When Christmas waves a magic wand this year keep the magic alive……forever.

There’s no need to let the good inside you only shine for 2 months every year, that leaves 10 months a year that are empty.

Have a wonderful holiday filled with special moments to cherish.

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