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Creating balance and control , words and opinions
April 01, 2016

Words and Opinions

Every person has words and opinions that depend on their life experiences, their values, morals, beliefs, etc. You are independent of everyone else. You have your own words and opinions, so don't take others words and opinions personally. They are not yours nor can they have any effect on your thoughts other than the power that you give them.

Wake up with positive thoughts and place your blinders on against all negativity that may be thrown at you throughout the day. If someone treats you poorly it is most likely that they are taking their own unhappiness out on you in hopes that they can bring you down to their level and thus make them feel better by knowing that they have stolen some of your joy.

Try a game of reversal therapy. Rather than letting them pull you into their world of negativity, you pull them into your world of peace.

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