Why do you feel Stress?

Have you ever wondered why you feel so stressed during the day? Not eating healthy, maybe not getting a good night sleep or not getting enough physical activity?

Well, all of these are right but there is the root of all evil and that is negativity, negative thinking causing negative thoughts causing negative actions and all this negativity causes the domino effect of how we eat, how we sleep, how much energy we harness and how much stress we feel.

We control our minds or they control us.

We tend to be experts when it comes to complicating our own existence. If not careful we can latch onto negative emotions not thinking a whole lot about them and then after months or years of snowballing even more negative traits we wonder why our lives feel as if they are in shambles.

The first step to destroying stress is to recognize it.

When you are feeling a negative feeling – any negative feeling – stop what you are doing and ask yourself what is making you feel the way that you are. Then decide how you can correct this by eliminating the negative or changing it to a positive.

With each small step you will be turning your life more and more in the direction of happiness and positive thinking. The stress will begin to evaporate and you will begin to feel the weights lift from your shoulders and place joy in your heart.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other until you conquer your stress and place it behind you.

Please have a wonderful holiday and remember to take that important time to yourself so that the season doesn’t seem to overwhelm you with commitments, obligations, and responsibilities.

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