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Creating balance and control , who we hurt the most with anger
March 01, 2016

Do you know who we hurt
the most with anger?

Stress - frustration - anger - outbursts. Do you know who we hurt the most with our anger? It's not at work since we know the consequences can be detrimental to our income if we get fired. It's not strangers in stores or on the road since these are fleeting moments in time.

It's sad to admit but we take things out on our family more than anyone ... Your husband, wife or even children. Why? Because not only do we spend many hours a day with them but we let our frustrations build in other areas of our life and then you come home and unload those frustrations.

So how can we change this - by constantly remembering that these are the people in your life that you love, that you want to help get through life not hinder their growth by explosions of anger. If your day is frustrating and you feel anger coming to the surface - walk away before you say one word. Find a quiet place, even the bathroom, where you can go remind yourself not to take your days frustration out on the ones you love.

We all face challenges, frustrations and stressful situations. Stopping long enough to remember this, will save you from saying something that may be hurtful. We all know that once something hurtful is said, someone can forgive you but they will never forget those words.

Bottom Line....In a moment of anger, how you handle it can alter your future as well as someone else's for better or worse. So do something special for your family today to show them you care.

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