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Creating balance and control ,When we are struggling
February 01, 2014

When we are struggling...

When we are struggling or watching another go through a hard time we instinctively want to make things okay. The stress can sometimes seem to be overwhelming. We want to remove the pain and the stress and make our world a better and easier place to exist. But our struggles have their meaning and will help us find the paths to travel.

This story, I heard from a friend of mine and may help to better explain why our struggles in life are sometimes meant to be.

A scientist developed a fascination with what is called the emperor moth so one day he discovered a caterpillar and brought it back to his lab to watch the process of its hibernation and re-birth into the moth. After its sleep in the cocoon it began to chew its way out and into the light of day. As the scientist watched this struggle for hours he noticed that the moth seemed to be exhausted from his efforts and had only managed to make a small hole through the cocoon and he was still unable to escape. His heart went out to the struggle of this moth so he used his tweezers and scissors to help cut away the cocoon and set the moth free. The moth fell out of the cocoon deformed and soon died.

Later the scientist learned that it was the struggle and the escape from the cocoon that gave the moth it’s life. By pushing through the cocoon it gave the moth enough pressure to force the fluids throughout the body of the moth thus concluding its rebirth. By cutting away the cocoon the scientist mistakenly caused its death.

The moral for this story being, that we all go through struggles and watch others go through struggles, but struggles are needed to help us all learn and grow into who we are meant to be and sometimes while we might think we are helping we are actually stifling the learning lessons that will help us to survive.

We all have the strength within to get through the worlds challenges and to the other side if only we believe and have faith.

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