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Creating balance and control , Walking Mindful Meditation
December 01, 2012

Walking Mindful Meditation

This time of the year is crucial for getting and keeping your stress levels under control. Does it always seem as if I’m harping on ‘Me’ time? Yes I am. And do you understand why? Because every so often (TOO OFTEN) we all need to be reminded to step back and take care of ourselves. That’s what I do for you…. Remind you – over and over again. That’s because I care. So take the time to listen and take the time for YOU.

You know the benefits of walking are many and the benefits of meditation are numerous, but do you know how your potential can explode with possibilities simply by melding walking meditation & mindful meditation together? This creates a powerhouse of harmony and tranquility at your fingertips, but not only this, you experience more improved moods, clarity, creativity, decreased stress, and stronger immune function, lower blood pressure, and stronger muscles. I could go on and on but to get down to the benefits that I treasure the most – I love that this time also gives your mind the needed break from reality.

Walking meditation & mindful meditation leave you with a relaxed state of mind. Additionally, by practicing mindfulness you become more aware of your thoughts on an ongoing daily basis. After time and practice you will become able to catch the negative thought patterns that jump into your mind through the day, and replace them with positive insights from the situation.

Always walk when you are not pressured with any other responsibility. You don’t want to have other responsibilities or time pressures on your mind – you want to be free and relaxed.

We all know how to walk but the object of being mindful is to take in and feel what you are experiencing around you but not participating in it.

A very good example of mindful meditation I found is this: imagine that you are kissing the earth, through the sole of your foot with each step that you take. Each time you pick up one of your feet, imagine that a beautiful pink/white lotus is now blossoming in that step when you lifted your foot. If you do this you will feel the mind/body connection that I am attempting to show you. Just for now, you want to keep your mind from wandering into thoughts of problem solving or worry. To keep your mind in the present, use this trick. Whenever you find your mind has wandered turn you focus immediately to your breathing. Every moment in time quickly passes from future to present to past – there are few things you can do to maintain focus of present time but one of them is your breathing. Your breath is a rhythm to Life. It is always in the here and now.

Try this - focus right now as you sit or lay. For just a few minutes, close your eyes and focus on the rise and fall of your abdomen - whenever your thoughts wander, place them back on your breathing to bring your thoughts back to the present, this is being mindful. You want to continue to feel and experience the current moment in time.

Encompassing these two practices is what I call The Ultimate Reality Relief.

How to practice walking meditation & mindful meditation.

You will begin your walk by adjusting your mind for the first few steps to imagine that you are kissing the earth, through the sole of your foot. Each time you pick up one of your feet, imagine that a beautiful pink/white lotus is now blossoming in the place that your foot just was.

You will continue to do this until you feel that some of the tension has flowed out of your body. Each time your mind tries to wander, bring it back to your breathing and then refocus on feeling the ground underneath your feet.

Now, as you move, observe the sensory experience of the walk. In addition to Feeling the ground against your feet, notice how the texture of your clothes feel against your skin, feel the breeze that is touching your skin, notice the sounds, smells, and sights around you. See the tree blow in the breeze and notice how green the grass is or how white the snow is. Don’t specifically dwell on any one thing just acknowledge the bird chirping and continue to observe everything.

You should complete your walk in no less than 20 minutes but by all means if you have more time - Keep Relaxing. If you can work this into a regular lifestyle activity than you will always maintain a healthy control over stress plus the blessings of the added benefits such as improved moods, clarity, creativity, and stronger immune function, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles, plus much more success in every area of your life including your job, relationships, and overall happiness.

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