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Creating balance and control ,Visions of the future
November 01, 2015

Visions of the Future

We all have visions of the future and what we would like it to hold in our lives but sometimes we let that overshadow what we already have.

We work and strive so hard to get where we are going that we hold our focus on the future rather than the present. In doing this we miss so much, that our future may also hold regret. Regrets that we cannot change.

Take this opportunity to look around you as you go throughout your day, notice what things bring a smile to your face. Take the time to be thankful for what you have achieved so far in your life and appreciate what you have today. The future will come and you will achieve, don't let it arrive at the cost of your past.

Enjoy each day and what it holds in store for you. Take pleasure in family, friends and the people you meet on your journey.

Live one day at a time.

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