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Creating balance and control ,Think about what you’re thinking about!
April 01, 2014

Think about what you’re thinking about!

Stress develops and muscles tense from external and/or internal sources. When you find your mind focusing on negative thoughts, worry or fear -or- you are feeling emotions such as anger or frustration, take the time to stop yourself and think about what you’re thinking about.

Address the issue – if you can’t resolve it, let it go. If you can’t let it go think about the positives of the situation, you may have to dig deep but they are there.

Our negative thoughts can easily throw us into a depression and cause great stress in our lives if we can’t move past them or replace them with something positive.

Your thinking will determine how others reflect upon the kind of person you are. If someone is loving, helpful and smiling they are projecting good thoughts. If they are mean, sarcastic or angry they are most often harboring negative thoughts.

You can never put your hand in the same river twice. That’s because it’s always moving & changing to accommodate its growth. Don’t let yourself be sucked in the unhappy tides of worldly distractions. Stay alert to your thoughts keep them focused on the important things and all that you currently are grateful for. Each day is a new day to enjoy – a day to begin again.

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