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The Gifts of Nature

Whenever you need to disappear from the world and take a break, you can always find your peace within the gifts of nature. A walk on the beach or nature path gives amazing relief to re-energize your thoughts. This is a great time to meditate. Have you ever used mindful meditation?

Mindful meditation is quite unlike that of concentrative. If we use the example of a lens to help show the difference, you can see this. In concentrative meditation, you are concentrating on one single thing, focusing the lens on that one element, like breathing or on the fire of a lit candle.

On the other hand is mindfulness meditation. Here, you are not focusing your lens, but widening it to include more and more information.

This is how you may use this meditation if you are walking. Focus on how your feet feel as they are contacting the surface that you are walking on. Listen intently on the sounds that are all around you. Feel the breeze as it crosses your face or the sun as it warms your skin. Hold your thoughts on all that is going on around you.

Mindful meditation gives a calming effect as you place your attentions to your immediate surroundings and all that is going on. This gives your mind a break from dwelling on a problem or challenge you are facing. Try it. Practice and enjoy just being…

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The amazing beauty of nature provides many inspirational moments and small blessings to treasure. The blazing colors of a fall hillside, the glitter of newly fallen snow or brilliant colors in a sunset across the water are breathtaking. Just another reminder of God's amazing creation!

The 3 minute movie, Nature is the Art of God, will bring the beauty of nature alive with its award-winning photography, music, inspiring quotes and bible verses. It is sure to bring warmth and gratefulness to your heart for the grandeur of nature.

Relax in nature and enjoy each and every moment that you experience.

Happiness Always, Susan
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