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Stress Tolerance Level

A Bit of tolerance goes a long way but how many times did you hit your stress tolerance level last month? This is when your body, mind, or both reach overload with negative stress and the result can be frustration, anger, fatigue or the feeling of helplessness.

If you experienced these episodes, did you determine the cause of your reaction? Did you resolve the emotions by either altering the way you thought about the issue or did you address the situation as to avoid it from happening again in the future?

Each stressful occurrence is unlike the last as the variables in the scenario change. But, without taking action to resolve any issue that may push your stress buttons it will surely show itself in a new form again in the days ahead.

To avoid hitting those all time high stress tolerance levels, be vigilant at tackling your negative stressors as they occur. Removing the trigger will remove the stress from transpiring once again.

Way to often we brush off a stressful event in hopes that it will disappear and not happen again, as a result it never gets resolved. Worse yet, as other episodes of stress are pushed aside to maybe deal with later, one begins to build on another and the mounting stress that is being suppressed can bury you in a deep depression as you seek relief from any stimulus. You pull away as you try to find shelter away from any additional stress occurrences.

Every individual has their own unique stress tolerance level. What may stress you out may not stress out another and visa versa. Some individuals can handle an abundance of stress and others, very small amounts.

All in all, if your stress tolerance levels are peaking frequently then the negative stress in your life is out of control and needs immediate attention. Becoming stress free (negative stress that is) doesn’t happen over night. Practicing stress management is a habit – a Daily habit. As you tweak your life to address and dismiss the negative stressors you will be in the process of building your stress free future.

The first day you start you immediately see benefits – so start today to build a healthy future.

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