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May 01, 2014

Stress Happens

Stress begins with your beliefs…

Stress happens!! It is said that life acts and we react. But it is dependent on how we react as to the amount of stress if any that we encounter. Our overall attitude towards our life and the beliefs we have developed over the years will come into play as events (and more so – negative events) occur from day to day.

If we tend to carry a positive attitude we will be inclined to look quickly to the good that surrounds any negative event so that the impact of stress affects us less. In contrast, if we have more of a negative outlook towards our life then we will be inclined to focus only on the negative in any situation as if we were expecting it to happen. This heightens feelings of anger and frustration, adding to and magnifying the stress.

Stress is simply created by what we think of the event - not what actually has happened.

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