We all need a solid nights sleep to avoid feeling fatigued. Our bodies function like biological clocks and work best when maintained on the same set pattern, time and cycle on a daily basis.

When we are experiencing acute stress such as worrying about starting a new job, we may find that a temporary disruptive problem occurs but with chronic stress you may be leaning more towards insomnia when these episodes are prolonged and go unattended.

If you are experiencing any problems getting rest at night you should bring this to the attention of your family physician so that an assessment can be made to rule out any serious health issues.

With a reduced amount of time to rejuvinate your mind and body you may feel that the next day you are less tolerant of activities that would not normally have a negative effect on you.

Exhaustion and low energy will make you drowsy and unable to focus on the days tasks.

This can disrupt not only your relationships with the people you love but it can effect how you are perceived in your place of employment. Your emotions can influence your mood which in turn will influence how you react in a stressful situation. If unhealthy patterns persist it can lead to many negative affects on your mental and physical health, these are listed below.

    Negative effects on mental and physical health

  • Can lead to health problems
  • Make you irritable
  • Slow your performance
  • You cannot hold your concentration
  • You feel fatigued
  • May cause memory problems
  • Can decrease your reaction time which can lead to vehicle crashes when on the road
  • Hinders the rebuilding and strengthening of your immune system
  • Can lead to depression

Usually you will find that there is an underlying issue contributing to your restless nights. Some mental health problems could be worry, stress, depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety. Some physical health problems could be issues such as arthritis, back pain or asthma. You wake up feeling un-refreshed and sluggish.

Try these sleeping tips for a great nights sleep

Happiness Always, Susan
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