Set Yourself Up To Win

Many times we set goals only to end up sabotaging ourselves, making excuses, and ultimately we feel like a failure as we fall short of these goals. You can change this by simply changing how you set goals.

To avoid this obstacle and take pride in success, try to set a goal that will turn out to be a win-win situation. This would be any goal that you won’t agonize over and drag your feet to complete. This will be a positive goal that will give you positive results.

Choosing a goal may be along the lines of the following:

I will commit to calling a family member just to say I love you at least once a week.

I will spend time in a quiet place with a cup of tea and a good book once a week.

I will take myself on a mini vacation once a month, if only for a day of window shopping.

The object is, when you make a commitment to yourself, that it be something that you are going to --

1. Want to complete (or at least not agonize over it)

2. Get a positive outlook by completing the task and reaching your goals

3. Have a positive experience that will help you learn to relax, slow down, and grow.

I wish you all of the best over the new year ahead and my you reach all the goals that you seek.

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