Self Sabotaging Weight Loss?

Are you someone who uses every excuse to justify overindulgence in food and poor food choices? Do you need to lose a few pounds but continue to sabotage your own efforts when you’re feeling stressed? If you tend to gain weight around the center of your abdomen, this extra weight could be caused by high amounts of stress that you may be dealing with.

Fat due to stress is fat that develops deep in the stomach and surrounds the organs. To determine if you are a victim of stress fat try this fast and simple test. Use a flat surface and lay on your back – if you have fat that bulges outward and higher than your hips then it’s a strong possibility that the stress fat surrounding your organs is pushing the outer visible fat forward.

What can you do to curb your eating when you are stressed?

Make a plan and have back ups!!!

There are many other things you can do to reward yourself after a stressful day. Make an action list and prepare your arsenal with as many weapons possible such as:

A good book you can get totally engrossed in
A great movie that you can look forward to viewing
Lavender bath salts and a candle to escape for an hour of quiet in a small room to yourself
Plan a nature walk or walk on the beach
Have a book listing friend’s numbers close to the phone

These are just a few thoughts - In other words, plan things to spoil yourself in many other ways rather than food - but the trick is you must have a list of choices ready to select from and available to put into action.

I know stress can push your buttons and the frustration – if you let it control you – can cause you to rationalize what you know is a bad decision. The list will remind you that there are many other choices to satisfaction besides that burger and fries.

Fighting off self sabotaging acts can empower you by placing you, one decision at a time, back in charge of your own destiny.

Eliminate the excuses, plan it out, and start spoiling yourself today!!! You deserve it.

To work on eliminating the stressors from your day use this simple and effective strategy.

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