Self Hypnosis?

Can Self Hypnosis work to stimulate motivation?

Have you ever gone to a seminar to attempt to create motivation to reach a particular goal that you had been struggling to meet, then only days after you found motivation you lost it just as quickly?

Most individuals correlate the words, “You are getting sleepy, very sleepy,” along with pictures of a pendulum swinging watch, to what has been portrayed as hypnotism. These images more depict a magic show illusion where the impression is given that people are non coherent of what is going on around them and are made to cluck like a chicken on queue.

Hypnotism vs. Self Hypnosis

Hypnotism is more of a deep state of relaxation which more resembles a state of meditation to target your thoughts on a particular behavior. You can pay anywhere from $100 to $300 per visit. The hypnotist will get to know you as a client, what your troubled issues are, and what you visualize as a successful outcome.

He or she will have you lay down, relax, close your eyes, or maybe focus on a stationary point and listen to their voice. They will make suggestions to you such as, “starting today you will focus on only positive thoughts… feelings of anxiety will lesson and the tension in your body will be released. During the session the hypnotist may suggest an action you can use to precipitate these feelings of relaxation when your mind is being pulled towards negative thoughts such as placing pressure between your thumb and forefinger.

At the end of your session the hypnotherapist depending on their preference may give you a tape recording of your session to take with you as a self hypnosis reinforcement tool to target your thoughts on your desirable response.

To make any change in your life it takes a repetitive prompt to encourage a certain behavior to continue to reoccur until it is a natural and automatic response.

Using self hypnosis usually can produce the same results with a small fraction of the cost compared to a scheduled office visit. You can purchase a hypnosis download in hundreds of categories and then place this on tape or burn to a CD to use time after time until you meet your desired results and also reinforce these behaviors if you should need a boost in the future.

You can create your own library of a couple CD’s or dozens – there are countless to choose from and sometimes a boost of self-esteem, determination, willpower to lose weight or stop smoking can be a large help in our ups and downs of every day thoughts. You can also focus on things such as increasing your popularity, increase self motivation, control your emotions, ease anxiety attacks and hundreds more behavioral changes.

So if spending hundreds is a deterrent to working on issues you may want to overcome or self improvement issues you can’t seem to stay focused on to get positive results, this may be the option that can easily resolve your dilemma.

Now you can utilize this beneficial practice in your everyday activities to keep your motivation alive. Search hundreds of topics such as building confidence, overcoming jealousy, learn to manage your stress, learn to lighten up and experience more fun in your life, clear your mind for meditation and so many many more.

There is absolutely no risk to you AND a 100% 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you find that it doesn't do what you wanted within 90 days your money is refund to you in full. No questions asked.

All of this for a fraction of a visit to a hypnotherapists office. For only $12.95 on any topic of your choice. This is the top library selection I have discovered with the most reasonable prices on-line.

If you ever wanted to generate that electrical motivation and keep it alive day after day then there’s no better opportunity to make things happen in your life. Even better than this is the fact that you don’t have to wait for the mail to deliver this to your door, you can have it within minutes by downloading it immediately, all you have to do is decide which topic you want to address first.

Once you see this library of subject matter it will spark the imagination and show you the opportunities that are available to help you whenever you want on whatever you want.

There are three pages worth of self development help to assist you.

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It’s definitely worth your time

Have a wonderful time discovering the possibilities

Happiness Always, Susan
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