You are reborn daily.

Each spring flowers are reborn from the seed that remained hidden and warm underground. Just as flowers - all living matter evolves in cycles of rebirth.

Each new day when the sun reaches out to bring you new beginnings you have the choice to also start anew.

As you lay in bed in the morning light you can plant the seeds of growth in your mind. Decide how you are going to feel today - how are you going to react to situations that will occur, and how would you like to be perceived by others around you. You control these actions with your thoughts so, just as you will choose what to wear when you get up – choose how you will feel and react to your day.

If your day should begin and you find you have slipped from your choice just simply remind yourself of your morning decisions and regain your control over your emotions. This is your life and your day to make the future that you want to see unfold. You have limitless growth potential.

We all waiver when we get weakened by stressors in our daily lives. Learn how to regain your power.

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