Have you ever felt that you are constantly dealing with unpleasant tasks that need to be completed? When dealing with procrastination we can sometimes make life harder on ourselves without even realizing what we are doing.

Maybe it’s not so much that you are overloaded with unpleasant tasks every day as it is that you keep playing this same task over and over in your head day after day and yet again you ultimately will play tug-a-war in your mind until you convince yourself to put it off until tomorrow. Does that tomorrow ever come?

It will come and when it does you will grit your teeth dig in and complete the task that you have been so much dreading for the last days, weeks or maybe months. Now that the task is done you sit back feeling pretty proud of yourself, glad that it is finally over and ready to go celebrate your accomplishment.

Little did you know that you spent many unnecessary days hurting your own physical and mental well being by dealing with your negative emotions, thoughts and intentions. Procrastination is one of our strongest enemies. This will hamper our ability to complete projects and meet deadlines. This will inject negative emotions that will deplete our energy, obstruct our goals and shackle us like a ball and chain until it gets what it wants.

What do you do when you have to complete a task that you dread doing? You place this at the end of your task list.


You spend way more time trying to avoid the task and dreading the task than if you were to place it at the top of your list, get it out of the way, release your self from this stress, and forget about it. Stress reduction techniques include not procrastinating so roll up your sleeves and knock it out of the way. If you find that you cannot make this task a high priority then place it on your list in its perspective order of importance but be sure when you get to that item on the list that you don’t skip over it.

If you choose to not deal with an issue, then you give up your right of control over the issue and it will select the path of least resistance.
If you choose not to see doesn’t mean it is not going to be there when you open your eyes.
Quotes from Susan Del Gatto 2007

When all is said and done those not so pleasant tasks will still be there … waiting for you.

Happiness Always, Susan
Author, Cobwebs of the Mind

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