A Positive Attitude

I walk into the restaurant with a positive attitude as I wish good morning to the greeter at the door and the workers behind the counter. I have a self assured, confident walk and a smile on my face to match the joyful tone in my voice.

My waitress comes over without even looking into my eyes. She promptly puts the menu on the counter and asks if I want coffee. She has no glimpse of a smile hidden anywhere nearby. She records my order on a small tablet and then turns her back to me and walks away. My coffee runs out and I politely wave for her attention – she acknowledges with a, “One minute” statement.

I make sure to stay lighthearted, I don’t know what she may be going through yet I want to be helpful. I compliment her beautiful eyes and the way her smile lights up the room. Even though I hadn’t seen a smile I’m sure it would.

She stops, looks at me and a small smile emerges on her face as she pours my second cup of coffee.

Sometimes people are feeling so lost, lonely, helpless or weak and they are afraid to be there alone. They want to pull you into their world of doom and darkness. If they succeed they feel triumph which raises their levels of pleasure as they search for their next victim but this doesn’t feed the need in their heart it just temporary satisfies the beast within.

If you take the time to understand that there lies some mystery that is squeezing their heart and reach out to help, you can pull them out of the darkness and back into the light. With patience, acceptance, and recognition they may feel irritation at first because they can’t win you over – but with your victory they silently thank you with a smile for pulling them back from the dark place.

While helping others we in turn help ourselves.

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