Letting go of
Past Relationships

Dwelling on the negative effects of your past can only inhibit you from developing success in your future. Failed relationships are one part of our past that we tend to stall and dwell. More often than not we believe there is something wrong with us when we can’t seem to make a relationship work. The bottom line truth is, “It always takes two.”

But now is not the time to dwell, there is nothing that can change what has already occurred but you have the power to change the future. You are not only strong minded and independent but you have the control to change your entire direction of your life.

There will always be individuals that cause pain in your heart and some things may never go just as you wish, but these are challenges you use as stepping stones to help you grow and learn. The people who have hurt you are not evil people, they are product of their past.

You also, will unintentionally cause pain to others in your lifetime. This occurs because we are all different and our expectations and perceptions tend to differ from others.

Our experiences, past stories, the way we were raised, our beliefs, our values – they give each of us our unique structures. Our experiences – the things we do and the people we meet are like pieces of a puzzle and sometimes we fit together and other times we struggle to fit but it was never meant to match.

Let go of what doesn’t fit and find the things that make you happy. When you are surrounded by these you will wonder why you hadn’t recognized them before but it’s then that you’ll discover that fear held you back from making those changes.

Focus on the future

The positive thought – “Broken relationships mean there are new friends waiting to meet you in your future”.

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