Increasing Blood Flow Lowers Stress

You know that increasing blood flow lowers stress when you exercise but did you know that music can have the same effect? Blood flow is very important for our survival and while there are many diseases that can restrict blood flow there are also many techniques being discovered to open blood flow.

Music for stress reduction shows very positive results! Musical tones are one of the easiest remedies to keep your stress levels at a minimum. It’s not only a mood stabilizer but a healthy stress reduction technique.

Stress is one of our every day battles when it comes to health and stress will cause blood vessels to constrict. Dr. Miller from the university of Maryland Medical Center conducted research that ultimately revealed that listening to enjoyable music to your liking can open your blood flow and increase your circulation. Dr. Miller stated, “We thought we would see an increase in blood flow in the volunteers, but we didn’t think it would be so high.”

Did you ever get home from work exhausted and had to change to get prepared to go out for another commitment? Next time this happens turn on your radio or pop your favorite CD in the player. When you are feeling fatigued, listening to your favorite beat will increase your blood flow and this will naturally increase your energy level.

Music can lift your spirits when they are low or relax your body when you are taking a break. It all depends on what you want to listen to.

Increasing blood flow lowers stress any way you look at it… if it’s music you love – it’s healthy for you. So turn on your tunes and relax.

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