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Creating balance and control , How Balanced is Your Life ?
November 01, 2012

How Balanced is Your Life ?

We need to balance our lives to be successful. Sometimes we don’t feel balanced but we can’t seem to pin point what we need to change.

Here’s a starting point for you to build from. I call these my three S’s to sanity. To have a successful day we must all reach a balance as a whole with our minds, body, and spirit. Here are your three S’s.

Social Interaction (MIND)- We all must feed our bodies with nutritional food and healthy social interaction. Remember you will feel like whatever you consume in your body so if you are consuming fast food and pastries you will feel more fatigued and bloated. Think of what you place in your mouth. Have a social interaction time with the family or your significant other at the end of the day is important to keep that bond strong and communication open. Social interaction with co-workers can open up new ideas or the social interaction with the clients you may serve will fill that certain (people need people) quota that gives you a sense of success and connection to the world. If for some reason you are secluded, make a phone call to touch base with a special friend or loved one to meet this need.

Share your life.

Sports & Leisure (BODY) - We all must seek release of any built up tension by a form of exercise or relaxation period. You may or may not mix this with a social interaction. We need to laugh and we need to unwind. Work out on the treadmill, take a walk, stop to meet a friend after work, go camping, fishing, or bowling anything that triggers that relaxation response and lets you digest your day.

Get physical.

Solitude & Spirituality (SPIRIT) - We all must start the day with a good nights sleep so that we awake to feel relaxed and strong. Periodically throughout the day we need times for solitude, you can do this in many ways. You may take short breaks to meditate and relax your body which is spending quality time with yourself, you may simply want to reflect and thank God for the blessings however small that he has sent your way today. You may want to spend 15 minutes of quality time with someone who is special to you just to share some thoughts or curl up for a few small breaks to read a chapter or two out of a good book that is holding your attention.

Gain confidence in yourself

So…At the end of each day, reassess your day and see how successful you feel. Were you successful in creating your balance today? If not see what you may need to add – delete – or change that would help you feel more balanced tomorrow.

Some need more of one S than another. You may require more social action while someone else may need more solitude. Maybe you are experiencing too much solitude and not enough outside activities and/or interactions. Sometimes you may not have had enough ‘Me’ time in one day but you can catch a little more in the day to follow. All in all you just need to strike the balance.

When you’re balanced you feel like you have made good accomplishments throughout your day. This may come to you by feeling relaxed, happy, satisfied, or content.

On the other hand, when you feel tired, frustrated, angry, or overburdened you have not been successful in balancing your day. This is either a need neglected that your mind required, your body required, or your spirituality required. You’ve missed something that is very important for you to maintain your balance and it is very important that you discover what this is.

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