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8 Mini Relaxation Getaways that take only minutes

Staying relaxed at this time of the year can be a challenge but you can relax your mind and body by just investing 5 to 30 minutes. 75 percent to 90 percent of doctor visits, according to the American Institute for Stress -- is stress.

Taking time for you to relax is an essential part of staying healthy and happy. Here are some ideas to help you re-focus on you. There are many ways to trigger a relaxation response in your body.

1. Picture Yourself Relaxed – Using imagery only takes minutes of your time. Close your eyes and picture a relaxing sunset – a walk on the beach or nature trail – overlooking the ocean from standing on a deserted island – sitting in a garden full of colorful flowers and singing birds. The vacations are as veriable as your imagination and have boundless benefits to your mind and body.

2. Take a 10 minute break to enjoy a cup of chamomile tea while flipping through a magazine or reading a couple pages of a good book. This will prompt your mind to calm and your body to reduce any tension that has built up.

3. Put on some headphones and listen to some music while you take a quick walk. Do some mindful meditation by focusing your thoughts on the cool air that brushes your face or the way your feet come in contact with the ground. This will help give your mind a break from the running to-do-lists that seem to be never ending.

4. Stop to take the time to chat with a friend or a passing acquaintance and laugh. Laughter decreases blood pressure and heart rate while it also increases oxygen in the blood. Watch a good comedy on television or pick up a book of silly jokes to share with friends (or just to read yourself).

5. If you have a chance for a quiet evening plan to pour a glass of wine, sit by a fire and look at all you have to be thankful for. If you look at what you don’t have… you have nothing – but when you look at what you do have….

6. If you have 30 minutes in the middle of the day try a power nap to revitalize that lost energy.

7. Sit Back – close your eyes for 10 minutes and Listen to Soothing Music.

8. My all time favorite for a night of pampering is to take a lavender bath. Lavender fills the air and slows the mind so the body can relax.

Plan just 5 to 30 minutes of you time every day to initiate your relaxation response and you will keep that jolly holiday spirit. But this isn’t just for the holidays – it's a way to survive the challenges that life throws in your lap every day.

Don’t let stress steel your happiness.

Happiness Always, Susan

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