Holiday Tips List 2-of-3

Over a dozen more tips to help keep your days running smooth through the holiday season.

When your days become overwhelming with things to do and commitments to keep remember this….. If you don’t think every day is a good day, just try missing one. ~ Cavett Robert

Stay positive and joyful through the holiday season.

Start your day off stress free - Before bedtime. Pick your clothes, lay out things you will need to take if you are leaving your home, prepare coffee (if you drink it) so that all you have to do in the morning is hit the button to the on position.

Take the time to make yourself look good. The better you look the more positive you feel, confidence you have, and energy you’ll possess.

Use lists to keep you on target this avoids you having to constantly re-group and decide what to do next. If you are in the middle of a task when you think of something that you need to do – add it to your list and return to your primary task.

Traffic is heavy and lines are long so always leave 5-10 minutes earlier for work or appointments and have patients when standing in that line we are all in this together.

Keep Back up’s – Sometimes this isn’t possible with limited storage space but how many times have you run out of something at home that you use all the time. Coffee, laundry soap, toothpaste, shampoo, sugar etc. There’s no stress when you run out if you can just grab for a back up.

Keep your pantry stocked with all of the essentials for a quick pasta dinner. On nights when everyone is in a hurry and no one wants the hassle of cooking a full-course meal, pasta and your favorite tomatoe sauce or if you don’t prefer a red sauce try pesto sauce and a jar of artichoke hearts. Just cook pasta mix and serve.

Do something special or nice for someone even if this means sending an uplifting email, bringing a muffin to work for a friend or simply leaving a smiley face on their desk.

Company stopping by to visit through the holiday?

Keep crackers in stock to add to a cheese tray or dips.

Pre-chop vegetables for the week and keep in a vacuum seal bag or plastic container for storage. Great if you have to throw together a veggie platter.

Always keep a quick appetizer on hand - Frozen artichoke and spinach dip is a great hot appetizer that can be prepared quickly.

Always pre-cook anything you can the day before and the morning of if you’re having guests for dinner. This way you cut your time in the kitchen and add more time to spending with friends and family.

Set your table before company arrives – I even do this up to a day prior when my schedule is pressing.

Simplify your clean up:

Loading silverware into the dishwasher, group like items together. When the dishes are dry, you can grab all of the forks, spoons, etc, and put them away at once.

Pick up and have handy some holiday plastic plates for both appetizers and desert dishes.

And remember…… When we abstain from negative thinking and judgment… and replace this with compassion and caring… the same will be reflected back to us. It doesn’t take much to bring Joy to someone’s heart. Do what you can with what you have even if it is a simple gesture of kindness. It matters.

Happiness Always, Susan

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