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Happy Thanksgiving and start of the frenzied shopping season. And what does all this add up to? S T R E S S ….. but it doesn’t have to.

Remember and put into effect all the stress strategies that you have learned – 10 of the most prevalent ones that will help you over the upcoming months are below.

Focus on healthy eating as much as you can so when you slip up for your favorite piece of pie or tasty appetizers you can stay ahead of your game. Healthy foods will also help you to increase your energy and make you feel less sluggish. Take some almonds, nuts or fruit for mid-day snacks.

Listen to music on your way to work and if possible while you work as well as when you are working around the house in preparation for the holiday – something that prompts peaceful thoughts and feelings of calm. You want to achieve setting a background noise that will sooth your mind and that will allow you to maintain focus on your priorities and happiness in your thoughts. I like to listen to my favorite Christmas songs.

When you get overwhelmed take a break for 5 minutes – close your eyes and picture yourself on a deserted island (or a place of your choosing) this is a great mini diversion and along with a few deep breaths triggers your body and mind to release feelings of tension and stress.

Treat yourself - If you can make the time, try a relaxing soak in a bath with lavender Epsom salts. Also, place a lavender sachet or dryer sheet in your pillowcase for a relaxing nights sleep.

Keep a positive attitude - Learn to be flexible – not everything will always go your way. Be prepared mentally when it doesn’t so you can roll with the flow.

Break out the popcorn and watch a good Christmas movie.

If your environment is safe, meaning no small children or pets, keep scented candles lit at work and at home to uplift your mood and relax your mind.

Think of some errands you may be able to handle during work or at lunch to free up some needed time later in the day.

Make meals that can last over 2 days so one day you cook and the next day you have leftovers – great time saver for any time of year.

Purchase a daily calendar or daily cards that will give you inspirational quotes to concentrate on throughout the day. I have provided you a free download link for my December advent calendar. Print it – Post it and share it with friends.

December Stress-Free Advent Calendar

More tips to follow as our holiday’s progress. Remember when you are stressed you can’t seem to enjoy the season so stay tuned and stay relaxed.

May the start of your season be blessed with family, friends, laughter and joy.

Happiness Always, Susan

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